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This describes things found in my story (which actually has yet to be published)

Submitted: November 09, 2015

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Submitted: November 09, 2015




  • Watch Pocket: Very scientific, clever, curious, fun, adverturous, and literal. Pansexual and intersex and super fun to hang around. He's brave and stubborn, but he's never afraid of logic and reason.
  • Annalie Page: Very artistic, kind, sympathetic, brave, sharp tongued, sweet, and humorous/sarcastic. Bisexual and always thinking.
  • Nova: An android with the intellegence of the Andromeda. They're basically the same person, only Nova is compadible and able to talk with other people. Asexual and panromantic.
  • Stargazer: Super wise, kind, silly, adventurous, bold, and tends to forget to think things through. She thinks with her heart. Polysexual.
  • Oliver: Total geek/nerd. He's super shy and is really sweet when you get to know him. Total know it all about computers. Short gay transboy.


Anadian Things:

  • Naming Ceremony:  When a child born, they're given temporary names until the child's "talent" becomes clear. See, they're aliens, and each of them possess a power. For example there are groups of people who have the same talent, who usually have the same job. Many of them are given talismans, or special objects that is supposed to help them master/control their power a little bit more. Watch is a Child of Time and when he was at his ceremony, they assigned him the name Watch Pocket and gave him a pocket watch. On Anadia, it's not uncommon for people to be named after their talismans, so on Earth when people comment about it, Watch usually gets confused.
  • Everyone's Queer: On Anadia, everybody is pansexual. Every now and then, you get your gays and straights. They're not uncommon, actually, but most people are pansexual. Nobody cares about sexual orientation because people are people. Also? Because every Anadian is asexual and they need to reproduce, everyone is, in a way, intersex. They have two functioning genitals in order to reproduce with any companion. And no, they can't breed with themselves.
  • Presspoints: Anadians are very interesting. While humans have things like pressure points that hurt (and sometimes kill), Anadians have presspoints. A presspoint is something you can touch and it causes a reaction by the Anadian by releasing certain chemicals in the brain. For example, there's one on the back of the head that can knock an Anadian out cold, and one on their neck that can wake them back up. 
  • Defenders: Becauase Anadians are some of the oldest and most peaceful beings around, they have been given the task of defending everybody else from alien threat. Being a defender is the greatest honor- one that Watch ran away from. Defenders are basically Anadians who keep a planet safe. They monitor the planet and keep it death-free, watching over transmissions and making sure that bad guys don't come in. Usually an Anadian is well enough trained to fight off a small threat as a defender, but sometimes, a defender needs to call in a team of helpers specially trained to be like co-defenders.



  • Andromeda: Built by Watch, the Andromeda is an amazing ship that can travel through space like no other. She's V shaped with a small bump or "o" in the middle, where the control room is, where Watch's room is, and where the engines are. She's fairly small for a starship, but mighty powerful. The Andromeda is equipped with an artificial intellegence called Nova, who can be transferred into an android. She's a glossy white with sky blue lining on her wings.
  • Translation Chip: The translation chip is a small device located in the brain. It's not born with, but implanted inside the brain of an Anadian at a young age who is promised a job among the stars. For example, because Watch is a Child of Time, he was given a translation chip at a young age, as he was destined to become a defender or a military official who would be travelling often. The chip works by activating the part of the brain that works things out into understandable context. The part of the brain that tries to fit puzzle pieces together. It works so that when an Anadian hears something, it translates it before they've registered it, and it comes up with a way to reply in the same language. 
  • Talismans: Ah, the most important thing to the Children of Anadia. Talismans are given to those children who have a special power of some sort, which most Anadians do. Watch, for example, is a Child of Time. His talisman is a pocket watch. Inside this pocket watch has something old and ancient that helps him to unlock his powers and use them further. 

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