Denny's at 11 pm

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College kids on Spring Break in the suburbs- Denny's is the only place open at 11 pm...

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




(Starts with 2 people sitting across from each other at a table in a restaurant. They are people watching, chatting, catching up, seated in a corner area of the stage)


Angela: And I simply couldn’t believe it. He sent me pictures of his penis. I don’t even know him!


Jared: Well, that’s what you get when you use the free dating websites…lots of creepers.


Angela: I mean, it was Plenty of Fish! It was advertised by celebrities! I thought it was legit!


Jared: Kesha. It was advertised by Kesha. Nothing about that is legit.


(Their attention is turned towards a doorway unseen by the audience)


Jared: Oooo! Rate them, rate them!!


Angela: Aha! They just couldn’t resist the unlimited pancakes deal, I’ll bet… wait a minute….


Jared: What?


Angela: The fat guy, I don’t think he used to be fat…


Jared: What do you mean?


Angela: I mean, I think he went to high school with us! That’s Josh Zatavsky!


Jared: (looks around wildly, finds the person, and stares dramatically) Oh my G-d you’re right! It is him! He’s huge!!!


Angela: (laughing) I love this. I mean, I hate our hometown, but I love this. I’m so glad the creeps in high school got exactly what they deserve!


Jared: Right? Vernon Hills is like its own reality show called Peaked in High School the series. Every week could focus on a different jock turned fatty or cheerleader turned mom for 30 minutes. Now, that’s entertainment.


Angela: (Sighs) We’re kinda dicks, ya’ know. Like, this is super fun and all, but really, now we’re the assholes. Is that a good thing?


Jared: It’s not a bad thing, I don’t think. I mean the science nerd and the theatre kid still looking good, with job offers post graduation. Not bad, yeah?

Angela: (Laughing) yeah, we’re kind of a big deal.


Jared: So what were you gonna order? Pancake puppies?


Angela: (notices something behind Jared) Oh no.


Jared: Why not? When they’re dipped in syrup they’re… okay, stop judging me, please!


Angela: Oh No.


Jared: What? What is going on, I thought you liked the pancake puppies-


Angela: (cutting him off) It’s not about the stupid puppies!


Jared: Well what’s you’re issue, then?


Angela: Them.


Jared: Them who?


Angela: Them, them!


Jared: Them, them who? (turns and looks) (pause) Oh. No.


Angela: What are they doing here?!


Jared: I don’t care. Maybe we should leave…


Angela: And give them the satisfaction of kicking us out? I don’t think so!


Jared: But, who cares?


Angela: I do! This is our place! We shouldn’t have to leave, they should leave!


Jared: This isn’t our place…


Angela: We’re not leaving. We’re sticking it out until after they leave.


Jared: Alright fine.


Angela: Do you think they even saw us?


Jared: I don’t know…they certainly didn’t acknowledge us…


Angela: I mean, maybe they really didn’t see us and it doesn’t even matter.

Jared: Just drink your coffee.


(during the action since the other people walked in, a table and chairs has been set up in an opposing corner of the stage, at which two other people sit at)


John: Well that was awkward.


Emily: What was?


John: Oh, come on. You saw them.


Emily: Saw who?


John: Don’t play dumb. Jared and Angela.


Emily: (beat of playing dumb) Of course I saw them. So what.


John: So…what are they even doing here…I didn’t think they were that good of friends, even.


Emily: So what if they are? I mean, what do you care?


John: Oh, come on, Emily. You hated her first.


Emily: I never hated her, I just was pissed at what she did.


John: Well exactly! I didn’t even think she was that bad until you told me about all that stuff!


Emily: (hesitant) Well…right. Yeah…it was pretty bad…what she did.


John: I just can’t believe the nerve of some people… so do you think they saw us come in?


Emily: Does it matter?


John: No, I just wonder if they saw us. I mean, if they did, they are totally ignoring us. Looks like they’re having a pretty fun time…


Emily: I thought you said you were starving.


John: I am!


Emily: I meant for food, not attention.


John: (sarcastically) Clever.

(light over John & Angela)


Angela: It’s just so weird…it’s like…twilight zone.


Jared: What is? Just seeing John, you mean?


Angela: Well, yeah! It’s like none of it ever even happened! Like we never even knew each other, let alone were best friends for 6 years…


Jared: It’s just weird that he just went along with everything Emily said-


Angela: (cutting him off) And none of it was even true! I mean, at least…the picture she painted, using some facts. I mean, okay…some of it was true. But it’s not like those were my intentions!


Jared: Well, they seem to not have even noticed us.


Angela: Well, whatever. I don’t even care. What were we talking about before?


Jared: We were making fun of the fat people from our high school….


Angela: G-d, you know what? I hate this stupid town! I mean, there’s only one place to eat that’s open after freaking 9 pm, so everyone goes there and you just can’t avoid anyone! I mean, what are they even doing here this weekend? Don’t they have an apartment up north or something?


Jared: I mean, it is Easter weekend. Some people like to come home and spend time with family around this time of year.


Angela: Whatever, like they even want to see their families. I know Emily, and her family is twisted. No way she came home to see them. And even moreso John’s family! They’re crazy!


Jared: I think you’re overreacting.


Angela: I just think this is ridiculous. Here I am, just trying to enjoy a cup of coffee, and now I can’t even breathe.


(back to John/Emily)


Emily: What’s wrong now?


John: They’re still here.


Emily: So…it’s a free country.


John: They’ve been sitting there for over an hour…


Emily: So have we…


John: Yes, but they were here before we even got here so who knows how long they’ve actually been sitting there, which means that they’re…and by that I mean Angela is just waiting for us to leave first.


Emily: That’s quite the conclusion you’ve jumped to…


John: I know that girl so well, I wouldn’t put it past her.


Emily: Maybe they’re not doing anything on purpose, I mean, maybe they really don’t know we’re here…or maybe they do but just don’t care.


John: Maybe… Whatever. What were we talking about?


Emily: Dating websites. What do you think of them?


John: Awful. I’m on there just trying to connect with someone, and all I see is penis. 

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