Hernando Cortes

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The story is based on Hernando Cortez, spanish conquistidor, who conqured the Aztec empire. A little girl Who lives in the Aztec empire is caught up in the battle.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



I remember what happend to my people by the way my great grandma told me. About how my ancestors were anialated and only one made it out alive. It was girl about the age of twelve. She would sit with her mother every morning perparing breakfast. Her father would be out on the farm with her older brother picking vegetables, and sometimes flowers for her and her mom. But this particular morning her motherbade her to leave to the farm in the back yard with her brother while her father helped her cook and of course she listened. Her brother was already in the back so she walked alone on her way around the house to the farm. About half way around she stopped and listenedclosly to a sound off in the distance. A loud sound but still soft as if it were muffled by the distance between her and it's creator. It must be outside my town far away, she thought to herself as she carried on with no worries. When she reached the farm her brother was there with the wooden wheel barrel he used to put the vegetables in. She smiled at him, and him at her as she trotted down the pathway to him. When she reached him he swooped her up in his arms and twirled around with her laughing. But he dropped her sooner then she thought he would leaveing her confused. She stared up at him suprised but then noticed he wasn't paying attention to her. He was looking in the direction of the house and listening intently. She relised he was listening to the odd sounds she could hear before but they seemed closer. Then suddenly there was a flash of light as something big and round streaked across the sky. She watched in amazement as it flew towards the house but when the realisation hit it was too late. There was a big crashing sound as she watched her house tumble to peices with her parents inside. The next thing she knew was her brother pushing her down behind the wheel barrel and yelling at her to stay put until he came back for her.

The rest was chaos as the loud explosions and screams from the empire people came. People that she lived with. She couldn't help but wonder if her brother had been killed like the others as she rocked herselfback in forth behind the barrel crying. Minutes maybe hours had passed before she finally decided too see if the war was over. The terrible screams and explosions had ended, so maybe it was safe. She was just starting to peek around the house when she jumped back in terror at the sight of all the dead bodies on the ground. A sob escaped from her throat as she decided to go back to the wheel barrel not wanting to reconize any of the deceased. She turned around and froze. There was a man holding a knife. He was half turned away from her looking away. He didnt notice her and she figured she could make a run for it. She took a step back, and another, and another, and was ready to bolt when he turned her way at the sound on a branch cracking under her foot. She gasped at the deep bloody gash on his face. It was enough to make her hesitate and the man ran at her with the knife in the position that would peirce her heart. She screamed. He was so close to killing her until she jerked violently terrified of the sound of the booming noises she had heard before. She had fallen to the ground flinching with each boom, and when they ended, her attacker was lying very close too her dead. She looked up behind her to see who saved her and looked directly into the eyes of her brother. He was holding an odd long object that he must have used to kill the man. She jumped up and ran into her brothers arms crying and thanking him for saveing her. It was that moment that she heard a choking noise. It had come from her brother and just before she looked up at him something warm and wet dripped on her face. She wiped it away, looking to see what it was to find that it was slick and red like blood. Her eyes darted to her brothers face to find a knife sticking through his throat. She backed up hyperventilating as she watched her brother drop to the ground dead. She looked infront of her to see who her brothers murderer was.

She stumbled back in horror. She was face to face with Cortes. He had killed her brother and would kill her too. The last thing she saw before she ran was Cortes's smileing triumphant face. She ran faster than she's ever ran before. She was running through the woods passing tree after tree as the thoughts of what happend passed her mind. She thought of how she had to start over, had to find a new family, and most of all had to train to fight. She had to become one of the men. She would find Cortes and his army and take them out like he did her familySHE would end Cortes's life.

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