Every Girl Has That One Boy

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There is always one boy that a girl will do everything wrong for.

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011




Every girl has that one person she fights to impress
The person she wants to notice her
the one she will write a million things about, hoping they notice.
This girl has a nasty habit of falling for players
The boys that get a thrill from making her cry
The guys that will lead her on and ignore her
She decided to shield herself from emotions
Hoping to prevent any more pain
Hoping to never cry over another boy again.
Though her little habit of falling too hard, too fast showed back up.
A guy who was perfect, in her eyes
Everything she wanted, everything she deserved.
She now fights to make him notice her
She wants him to always be there,
but she would never say anything to her face.
She gets tongue tied when they talk,
Her face a bright shade of red,
a smile on her once tear stained face.
Her friends are happy to see her this way,
some had never seen her smile like she does for him,
some missed her real smiles and laughs.
She may have cried a few times over this one boy,
but they aren't tears of heartbreak from a player,
but tears of hope and longing she would never voice.
Her best friends help her daily,
keeping her to stay smiling when he's not there to help
keeping her waiting on the next text back.
She knows he might not read what she posts,
even though each and everything is about him, it seems,
but she's happy knowing that at least one person knows who she dedicated them to.
She doesn't know what he thinks of her,
and she wants to know, more than anything,
but as a safe-gaurd to her and their friendship, she stays silent.
This one little girl has felt love in many ways, 
she has felt pain in every way,
and she has felt abandonment.
The one person in the world she can tell her secrets without regret,
the one person she always wants to talk to,
the one person that makes her blush.
This boy has made her a better person, as it seems,
she acts more mature, and talks it, too,
Although she gets childish when they talk.
She will always want something more than to be friends,
but knows what that does to people if something goes wrong,
and so she stays silent, content in her writings, all with happy endings.
Some will say she is unrealistic,
others will say she is grown up.
but she just calls herself one thing: experienced.

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