That Thing Called Perfection

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"No one becomes perfect, but some become great."

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



Have you ever experienced a random moment of sadness? You would be in a perfectly good mood, but suddenly, everything goes wrong?
Have you ever felt the sting of the random pain, the little voice in your head saying you don't deserve to smile and laugh like you were?
Have you ever felt the pain of being with someone, and you're having a great time, and when the sadness comes, they don't notice, and you feel worse?

These are all common in humans. We are imperfect. Flawed. Damaged. Tainted. Broken. Damnable.
We are all of these things. Every human has a flaw, no matter how well it is kept hidden. A flaw to be covered by a strength. Well hidden, perfectly masked.
Our good features so easily covering our damages, projecting us as happy when we are sad, calm when mad.

There is nothing perfect in this world; no person, no item. In each person, you will find a flaw, in each item, a defect. 

The desire to be perfect is the worst flaw of all. Your desire is foolish, no matter how driven you are.

All you need to do is accept yourself for who you are.
That is the closest to perfect a human shall ever get.

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