Hermes and Aphrodite's cabin team up

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I decided to write a Percy Jackson x oc fanfiction

Submitted: October 21, 2014

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Submitted: October 21, 2014



The day started out pretty normal, for a half blood. I was walking around on border patrol when Travis Stoll walked over to me to release me of my duties. After he did he told me that Percy wanted me to come to his cabin so I can work on my fighting stance. I should of found that weird but this was Percy Jackson we're talking about. So I headed down to cabin three. Not knowing I was being followed. I knocked on Percy's door. \"Come on in.\" He said and so I went inside and I heard giggles. Then I felt kinda funny. Kinda hot. I noticed Percy looked hot as well. Not in as sweaty hot, I meant HOT. OK for those of you who don't know. I'm 13 he's 17. I should think red flag. But at the time all I could think of was licking Percy's chest. Some voice in my head said do it. Another said wait. Get him hot for you first. Some part of my brain said no no no no no no I listened to the second voice. I sat in his bed. He sat down with me smiling like his usual self. But his eyes… I swear they said do me. \"So.\" Percy said in a low voice. \"What…what are you doing here?\" Some part of my brain said I was tricked by the Stoll brothers. I told that part to sta 'zitto Shut up! I put my hand on his \"Travis told me you wanted me.\" I smiled My hand went on his thigh More giggles from outside He didn't stop me My hand went to his inner thigh He looked me in the eye. For the love of hades he was sexy His eyes said more I gave him more He let out a soft sigh I put my free hand under his shirt and lifted it up so I could lick his chest My tongue slid across his nipples and down to his naval He was breathing hard I knew I should of stopped but I didn't No I couldn't Someone else was in control This wasn't me And this wasn't Percy ….. Aphrodite No….her children Aphrodite's cabin! I wasn't in control I have no idea how I did this but I undid his pants with my mouth. I stopped I claimed straight in top of Percy and let him take my short off I have barely nothing so I don't where a bra My sane self was like Desine vecors STOP YOU CRAZY WOMAN! I let him touch my breast Laughter filled out side Then I heard a girl say \"stop\" Me and Percy blinked But we didn't stop My guess is that she wasn't the one in control She just thought she was I let him help me take off my pants I heard footsteps walk away Didn't they look to see if we stopped! I took of his pants Then we shed the remainder of what was left between us Stop dammit stop Let him No Let him No! Yes I let him! Oh for the love of Zeus! It hurts It hurts It hurts! He too big How did it fit! \"Gah\" Tear ran down my face We didn't stop .. ……. It stopped hurting! I stopped bleeding. Oh for the love of all things magical! He clawed my back That was supposed to hurt me But by the gods it felt so So Goood.! It was hard not to yell out We did our damnedest to keep from moaning But Hey No Stop I feel funny! What the hell! Hey Wait No \"Percy!\" Stop We're not supposed to This will I'll get \"Percy!\" \"Ahh!\" Dammit Dammit \"Percy….\" I whined I smacked him He blinked Then looked like his normal self \"Did we…did I…\" he looked scared He didn't look 17 now I shook \"Did I rape you?\" He asked I laughed \"Hermes and Aphrodite's cabin\" I blushed He looked like he wanted to cry I got off of him \"We never talk about this\" I told him Right now I felt 17 He looked at me \"You don't need to get in trouble anymore than you already are Percy.\" He nodded Percy felt 13 \"Let's get dressed.\" I said Percy nodded

Somewhere in mount Olympus Aphrodite laughed.

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