Jacob Grimm

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Hogwarts Character, Jacob Grimm, based on Joel.

Full Name (meanings if desired): Jacob (protected) Grimm (fate)

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Jacob is tall, dark and handsome. He has a slim frame, but is very lithe and supple. His body is toned, but bulky and overworked. His features are dark; dark eyes that pierce, dark hair that longs to be touched and lovely olive skin that seems to be draped across his equine body. Jacob isn’t too tall, just tall enough with strong shoulders. His smile is not quick to show, but when it does make an appearance, it is dazzling and lingers for quite some time.

Birthday: February 27th

Horoscope: Pisces. Jacob is very versatile and has the ability to mix and mingle within virtually any situation with ease. He communicates very well, often taking a simple idea or problem and articulating a beautiful solution any can appreciate.

Wand: Curly Maple, leprechaun gold, 15 inches. Curly Maple is known to be great for charm work and levitation and boasts of a unique curling effect within the grain. Useful in divination, it is also said to reveal secrets of both the past and future and to aid its possessor in understanding the given knowledge. Leprechaun gold, of course, is known for its good, if not dumb, luck.

House: Hufflepuff

Animal: An albino ferret named Phoebus. It was a present for his birthday last year from a previous girlfriend. He was tempted to get rid of the thing, but decided against it. It’s not the ferret’s fault they broke up.


Family History: Phillip Grimm always knew that he would be a farmer when he grew up, and that’s exactly what happened. He wasn’t really thrilled about. He had always lived on the family farm, working hard, helping his father and mother, always thinking about the great wide world outside the small town in Ireland where he lived. He had fond dreams of traveling to exotic places and meeting exciting people. However, it seemed that he was doomed to stay right where he was and the only interesting person he would ever know would be the little girl in the neighboring farm, Katherine.

Katherine, in Phillip’s eyes, was just the scrawny girl next door. Katherine felt very much the same way about Phillip, but she felt that Phillip was best used as a throwing target. She was very glad when she finally got to leave home and study at Hogwarts. She didn’t return each summer, but rather spent time with old aunts and ailing grandmothers. When her years were over at school, she decided to return home and work on the family farm.

Upon her return, she discovered the annoying boy next door had grown not only into a strapping young man, but a very handsome strapping young man. Phillip, for his part, barely recognized the beautiful girl claiming to be his childhood victim. After a very long and somewhat storybook courtship, Phillip proposed marriage, claiming they could fight much more conveniently if they were husband and wife. Katherine agreed, with a smile and a punch to Phillip’s arm.

Their relationship has stayed very much the same all through their marriage. The two family farms were combined into a larger produce farm. Although Phillip never got to see the world, his produce does.

Personal History: Jacob always heard his mother talk about school at Hogwarts and what it was like to leave the farm. From a young age Jacob has had a severe wanderlust that just can’t be stifled, no matter how much he reads or dreams about the places he would go. Loving and responsible to a fault, Jacob works very hard on the family farm growing amazing produce that is sold and shipped all over Europe. Jacob knows that he can do anything and do it well.

He couldn’t believe his amazing luck when the letter from Hogwarts arrived near his 11th birthday. He was finally getting away from the farm, Ireland and his smothering responsibilities.

Personality: Like his father, Jacob has always wanted to see the world and to travel, but has a keen sense of responsibility that he can’t deny. He is almost too responsible, putting his own happiness second almost always. He loves a good joke and a good flirt. He enjoys physical affection. Jacob wants very badly to do the right thing and at times tries too hard to make the right choice, usually not doing anything at all. He is also extremely protective of his younger sister, Rose.


Favorite food: Lamb stew with artichokes, scalloped potatoes covered in mild goat cheese, served with Irish soda bread.

Favorite book: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, by Victor Hugo

Favorite class: Creative Writing for Practical Purposes

Favorite color: Emerald green

Favorite animal: Wolf

Least favorite food: Anything with shellfish. He doesn’t like to eat anything he couldn’t catch himself.

Least favorite book: Quidditch Through the Ages. He very well may be the only person in the Wizarding World that doesn’t care for the sport, preferring cricket.

Least favorite class: Care of Magical Creatures

Least favorite color: Brown

Least favorite animal: Doxies. There is a Doxie infestation in the swamp near his house in Ireland. He had a bad run-in with them as a small child.

Anything else that might be important?

Jacob is Fullblooded.
He is right handed
He has one younger sister who goes to school with him.

Submitted: May 27, 2009

© Copyright 2021 ariella. All rights reserved.

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