Morgan McFusty

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hogwarts Character, Morgan McFusty, based on an old friend named Alex.

Submitted: May 27, 2009

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Submitted: May 27, 2009



Full Name (meanings if desired): Morgan (of the sea) McFusty

Gender: Male

Physical Description: In a word, beautiful. His eyes are clear blue, close together and deep set. Morgan has light brown hair that he keeps just long enough to brush the tips of his ears. He has a slight build, lithe and slim. His skin is clear and fair with very few blemishes, much to the jealousy of all his female relatives. Although a certain aunt will point out that he does have slight yellow undertones that can be offsetting in certain light.

Birthday: August 21st

Horoscope: Leo, which means he is strong in some areas, and seeking affirmation in others. Morgan feels competitive with his siblings and will fight for what he wants or feels is right.

Wand: Ebony, white unicorn hair, 15 inches. Ebony is known to inspire and is traditional. The unicorn hair came from half of an oddly mated pair. Morgan’s unicorn is white; the mate is black, which makes the couple a magical binding force.

House: Ravenclaw

Animal: A pure black cat with bright green eyes named Absinth. He really only seems to like Morgan.


Family History: The McFusty clan has a long history as dragon breeders in Scotland. They also have a long history for having large families with mostly male children. At present, there are over fifty McFusty boys under the age of thirty living on the McFusty property in Scotland.

Morven McFusty met Ethelinda Calhoun when he decided to run away from home. He didn’t get very far, just to the next settlement, but he likes to make it sound like he went across the world trying to escape his family.

Ethelinda, called Elin by her family, went to a different school than Morven, who was lucky enough to go to Hogwarts. She also happened to live in the settlement Morven wandered into. Elin came from a much lesser off family than the McFusty and was rather overwhelmed by Morven and his bravado and money. To tell truth, she rather disliked him at first, but much to hers and his surprise, they fell in love.

They decided to live on the McFusty property, which was no big surprise for anyone. Immediately they began having children and their lives have been chaotic ever since. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Personal History: Morgan is the youngest of his brothers, smallest of the cousins, and the shrimp of all the boys in the family. He has nephews bigger than him. Heck, he as nieces that can beat him at arm wrestling. But Morgan is beautiful. His hair and complexion is the envy of all the girls he knows, not to mention the guys, who won’t admit it. It is nearly impossible for Morgan not to look amazing in anything he does, even when losing at feats of strength. Not really something to brag about on a dragon ranch, but still something to take pride in.

Not only is Morgan excessively good looking, but clever too. Beauty can’t save you from merciless beating by bully brothers, so Morgan had to learn to outsmart them. Tricks, traps, hiding places and secret passageways were his saving grace.

What Morgan really loves to do is write. When he was young, his mother encouraged him to keep a journal of his hurt feelings, instead of trying to fight them out and getting slaughtered. He filled books, not just with his feelings, but with everyday happenings as well. This stemmed into writing for fun and soon Morgan became a beautiful, clever, witty and somewhat skittish writer.

Personality: He doesn’t want to admit it, but Morgan is very much a “yes” man. He will agree with most anything to avoid a conflict and has a hard time sticking to his guns. Morgan prefers peace in all things, not that he is a pacifist, but he just doesn’t like to be in arguments very much. He is usually deep in thought or scribbling in one of his various notebooks. He is somewhat romantic and can whisper just the right words to make a girl melt as his feet.


Favorite food: Pork Chops with rosemary potatoes, specialty of his mother’s.

Favorite book: The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Favorite class: Creative Writing for Practical Purposes

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animal: Dog, specifically those of the Pug variety. One of his sister-in-laws has one that he adores. He would have one for himself, but most pets he owned would get eaten by a dragon.

Least favorite food: Anything cooked by his grandmother. It is supposed by most in his family that she his secretly trying to poison them all so she doesn’t have to give up any of her money in a will when she dies.

Least favorite book: The Odyssey by Homer

Least favorite class: Care of Magical Creatures. He does enough of that at home; he doesn’t want to do it at school too.

Least favorite color: Yellow

Least favorite animal: Griffin. As a child he was afraid there was one living under his bed. Silly, but older brothers can convince you of anything when you are four.

Anything else that might be important?

Morgan is ambidextrous.

Beauty doesn’t always equal grace, so he is usually banished from the kitchen at home.

His is a Fullblooded Wizard

Siblings are as follows:

Cael (25) married

Eoin (23) married

Rhiannon (22) married

Angharad (20)

Iain (19)

Gavin (17)

Evander (16)

Fenella (15)


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