Vincent and Riona

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Two people meet for the first time. This is the beginning of their friendship, as strange as it is.

Submitted: May 27, 2009

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Submitted: May 27, 2009



It was so dark outside one could barely tell then the sun had risen. Huge rain clouds dumped waves of water and high winds beat against the walls and windows. Words had to spoken a little louder to be heard over the dull roar of the storm. This was not the preferred way to begin term. Although, a beautifully sunny day would have been almost as depressing for some.

Vincent rolled over in his warm bedclothes. He had been dreaming about trains and drums all night, due to the storm that raged outside. He really didn’t want to get up for History of Magic. All around him he could hear the other boys getting ready for the day. Someone was singing something very out of tune. Vincent cringed at the grating sound, then sighed. There was nothing for it but to get up and face the day with an optimistic grimace.

Technically, he thought. I can’t really count this as a bad day. Other than the bad weather, nothing has really happened yet. And nothing really did. He found all this clothes right where he left them, his shoelaces didn’t break, there was no line for the bathrooms and he could smell something delicious was ready for breakfast. Nothing was wrong, other than the thunderous rain he could hear where ever he went.

Breakfast was uneventful, other than Thalia Banning's owl dropping a package on her head, causing her to scream when the contents spilled out onto the table. Granted, the contents were marbles, but a scream first thing in the morning was always an event. Vincent sighed as he gathered his books to head to class.

The halls were dark. The torches that usually were only lit in the evening were glowing stalwartly against the gloom. Everything looked mysterious in the flickering light. Vincent caught sight of Morgan McFusty on his way to class, obviously late. The two were barely able to exchange greetings before Morgan dashed off down the dim corridor. Vincent sighed again. Not a good day, but not a bad day either. Nothing has happened!

:”Look out! Oh no…” Before he knew what had happened, he found himself on the floor, under a soft body and quite a few books. He thought he could also feel a sticky bun under his right hand. Ah ha! Here comes the bad part of the day, I knew it was coming! “I’m so sorry!” said the soft body with a giggle. “I knew it was a mistake to braid my hair and levitate books all at once.” Another giggle. “Are you alright?”

It was then that he realized the soft body was a soft Ravenclaw girl. He scrambled up as quickly as he could, feeling his face grow a bit warm. The girl remained on the floor, sitting up, her back to him. She tipped her head back and looked at him upside-down and grinned. It was the grin the surprised him the most, more than the fact that he had just been underneath her in the hallway.

“Um, yes. Fine. Thank you. Um, you?” He tipped his head to one side as his brow furrowed.

The girl grinned again and tossed her very long braid over her shoulder, hitting him in the shin. “I’m perfectly fine. Hello, by the way. I’m Riona” Then she laughed again. It was a musical laugh that made him want to laugh along, or at least make her laugh again. He grinned back.

“Here, let me help you.”

“Thanks. I’m such a klutz sometimes. I think it would help if I paid attention more. Have you seen my cat? Wait, I left her upstairs. I think. Books?” Riona allowed herself to be helped up, but then immediately returned to the floor to gather her books. Vincent was trying to keep up with what she was saying. What a very interesting creature.

He dropped to the floor to help her gather her things, smiling despite himself. Suddenly the world didn’t seem so dreary. The halls seemed slightly warmer and the day had finally tipped over to the good side. “What class are you heading to?”


“I think you are quite full of charm, why would you need a class for it?”

Riona looked puzzled for a moment, then tossed her head and laughed. Vincent laughed too.

“You’re very sweet to say so. Thank you for your help. I’ll try to not run into you again.”

“Oh, but I hope you do.” He knew he sounded like he was flirting, but he was telling the truth. He did want to see her again. He wanted to hear her laugh again. He wanted to laugh with her again.

She fluttered her eyelashes. “Well, I’m off. I’ll see you around…um, you do have a name right? Most everyone does?”

“Oh, forgive me! I’m Vincent Albright, Hufflepuff.”

“Well, if we’re formal about it,” she straightened herself up and dipped a more graceful curtsy than Vincent thought possible for one who claimed to be so clumsy. “Riona Nightingale, Ravenclaw.”

“Please to make you acquaintance, ma’am.” He was about to continue, when he saw Thalia heading his direction. He remembered they had History of Magic together. If she was on her way, which meant class was starting in a moment.

“Formalities will have to wait. I’ll have to see you later, but it was wonderful to meet you.”

“I know, wasn’t it?” she replied with a grin. “See you around!”

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