Willoughby Goodwin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Hogwarts Character based on Samuel.

Submitted: June 16, 2009

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Submitted: June 16, 2009



Full Name : Willoughby (strength) Goodwin (of God)

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Blond and brown eyed, Will is the ideal handsome young man. He is very athletic, so his body is lean and strong. His rosy skin is windblown, as is his hair more than half the time. He tries to keep his hair short and out of the way, but he forgets to get it cut on a regular basis, so one never knows what the length will be. Will is very tall, taller than most of his friends. He is often asked if he is older. He has a very impish grin that rarely shows on his seriously stoic face.

Birthday: June 14th

Horoscope: Gemini.Gemini is the more communicative, childish and flighty sign within the zodiac. They tend to be restless, intellectual folks. They are mental people by nature, and have a dynamic spirit that is intellectually impressionable and inspired by pure ideas.

Wand: Redwood, powdered Doxie wings, 14 ¾ inches.Redwood is known to be extremely useful for protection spells as well as to help obtain focus and discipline. The user of this wand will find complete serenity in the most chaotic of situations. The Doxie is a fierce fighter and is known for its venomous bite

House: Ravenclaw

Animal: A raven named Raven. Not very creative, but why think of a name for a creature that rarely comes when you call?


Family History: The Goodwin family has always lived in a small magical community in south London. They have been there for generations and will probably continue this tradition. Their house is vast and very magical, with countless rooms, secret passages, and a kitchen that rivals the one at Hogwarts. The community is named Nodnol, as is the Goodwin House. Baydon Goodwin loved his home, family and neighbors. He could never image anything as wonderful as home.

Baydon worked for Gringotts Bank, looking for treasure. He was gone often and for extended periods of time, traveling the world and have rather grand adventures. When he retuned home one year, he was very surprised to find the house next to his, which had been empty for as long as he could remember, had finally been bought. His family was ecstatic to finally have neighbors. Baydon was excited because the family not only meant neighbors, but a pretty girl too.

Nicole didn’t want to move to Nodnol and flatly refused to be happy about it. She would sit in her room and pout at her misfortune for hours, getting more and more bored rather than finding herself shipped back to where they came from as she had hoped. Nicole learned the hard way that pouting doesn’t get you what you want. It did, however, bring about late night visits from the young man next door.

Their courtship was a whirlwind of romantic gestures and love notes. There were late night balcony visits, flowers and tokens exchanged, treasures given, and stolen kisses in the garden. Baydon decided the thing that would make him the most happy would be to marry this wonderful girl. It did make him happy, Nicole too.

Personal History: Willoughby loved growing up in Nodnol. It was the perfect wonderland playground for a young boy. There were nooks and crannies for playing hide-and-seek. There was a crazy old witch down the street to tease. There were gypsies visiting every two months with something fascinating to display. Dozens of children lived in the neighborhood, so he was never at a loss for someone to play with. When it rained, as it often does in England, his house was a wonderful alternative from outside.

He can remember the day he knew what he wanted to do with his life. His older brother, Jericho, had brought home a friend from Romania who was a professional duelist. The two put on a show for the neighborhood, displaying both their talents, although it was very apparent the Romanian was far more advanced than Jericho. Willoughby was more impressed than he had ever been before. He wanted nothing more than to wield the power of a wand and use his wit to duel. Dueling wasn’t a display of muscle or brawn, but rather a way to use one’s brain and intellect with beautifully dangerous power.

Will immediately bought every book he could find about dueling. He was so wrapped up in his obsession that he almost didn’t notice the letter from Hogwarts and wouldn’t have seen it if Jericho hadn’t stuffed it in his pants at breakfast.

Personality: Stoic at times, facetious at others, Willoughby has a rather wide range of emotions. He is extremely intelligent and is fully aware of that fact. He tries to hide his more silly side behind an unreadable face, but he isn’t always successful. Smiles and laughter often crack his serious façade. He is well versed in almost every subject, or at least likes to think he is. Will is a loyal friend with good intentions for everyone. There is no grey area with him, everything his extremely black and white.


Favorite food: Poached cod in parsley sauce, steamed carrots and garlic mashed potatoes.

Favorite book: Dueling Techniques of Great Wizards. It’s not hard to guess his interests by looking at his bookshelf.

Favorite class: Lunch. It’s not really a class, but it is his favorite time of day.

Favorite color: Green.

Favorite animal: Dog

Least favorite food: Eggplant. Baked eggplant is even worse.

Least favorite book: The text for History of Magic

Least favorite class: History of Magic

Least favorite color: Red

Least favorite animal: Cat. He is slightly allergic. That’s what he claims, but it is really because he doesn’t want to be scratched.


Anything else that might be important?

Will is left handed
He is full blooded.
He has an older and younger brother with him at Hogwarts.

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