Hunters and Love don't mix

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Author's note-This is a continued fanfiction of supernatural that was on Facebook but my account got screwed up and my phone erased half of it on my notepad.BTW this isn't slash fiction I don't make Destiel or Wincest I honestly believe it's a load of crap but apparently 90% of supernatural fanfic writers don't so whatever.Nikki is my own character,I made her up so don't steal her or Anna cause I'll go friggin Winchester on ya!(:

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Dean handed Bobby a newspaper,\"Avery,Washington..small town.Five men hanged all in the same place,Northwest Catholic Church.\"Bobby examined it carefully.\"You sure it's not some religious freak gone rogue or something?\"I askes,sipping my coffee.\"No,there were about tweleve reports of a strange woman roaming the church.\"Sam said.\"Lady in White?\"Bobby asked.\"Sounds like it,\"I agreed. We took the impala out to the distant town of Avery.The sky was a thick grey that hung over the dull buildings like a quilt.Small streaks of bright lighting sparked occasionally.Our first stop was an old police station,to talk to the sheriff. When you first enter the Avery Force Unit,it isn't much to look at,navy blue walls with a dark grey strip lining the ceiling.Foldable,navy, chairs filled the room along while a tiny television with overwhelming static occupied the center.An older teenager,probably around seventeen, propped her feet on the secretary desk,filing her nails,and yammering on about how tragic high school is. I walked up to the desk and pulled out my ID,\"Excuse me...excuse me...\"The girl just kept talking into her phone,\"No...really??With her?That Bitch!Yeah,she totally wore those jeans twice...I know,I know!\"I casually unpluged the phone cord and smiled back at her.She looked shocked,\"You can't do that!\"I laughed,\"Can too,I'm FBI.\"I said,being a smartass.She gave me a skeptical look;I slid my ID across to her.She rolled her eyes and handed it back to me.\"Where's the sheriff's office?\"She pointed down the hallway with a dirty look. Dean and Sam exchanged looks and followed me down the corridor. A loud crash and a bewildering scream sounded the hallway.Dean bolted ahead and broke down the door.A large man fought for air as he dangled from the ceiling and a petite woman cackled,sitting in his desk. I grabbed a container of salt from inside of my jacket,ripping off the top and throwing it at her as Dean and Sam rushed over to help the sheriff.The woman screamed and vanished in a cloud of red dust.Sam cut the sheriff down with his machete.\"She'll be back,we have to go now.\" The obvious fear ignited in his eyes.\"Who,Who are you?!Wha-What do you want!?\" He stammered.I grabbed his shirt collar and tugged him towards the door.\"We're trying to save you,ijit.\"He was trembling,but he followed.I guess he was more afraid of Dean and Sam than me.For some odd reason I found it sexist.I guess I was used to being feared and not trusted. We started to drive out to the sheriff's house, he watched the boys intently probably using his \"law inforcement training\" to figure them out.\"They won't hurt you.\"I said quietly,glaring at him.He nodded.\"What do they want?\"I sighed.\"We want to know about what almost killed you. \"He twindled his fingers uncomfortably.He didn't speak until we arrived at his house.

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Hunters and Love don't  mix

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