nothing but a whisper

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Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



  • nothing but a whisper

i lay in the grass of of a thousand years and slumber my days away as i feel the cool breeze run over my skin. i think to my self 'when will it all just end". life is a broken memory till the time i am in now but for the past few weeks i have lost so much thought only to one face. 

i step inside and poor my glass full of the things left behind, the broken promises, the lies, the dishonor, the curse that is my pain. like a poison from my heart it fills drip by drip untill it can hold no more. i raise it high, and for one second it is above all else, on a mountain of hurt and despair. it is all i see. looming over me but then i throw it back and take it all in. displeasure is my face but its gone. 

you came to me with noble intent and i soak it in like the light that has been missing in my life. and in this moment you are my brightest hope. my one true thing. the one i hold dear. but i realize it is not to be. and i weep. not out of ill fortune or even sadness but i weep for i have lost. i fight a battle with my self and i lose for even thinking it could ever be. but ill smile soon for i know your still there. and to me you are still every thing i have.

you are love

you are light

you are courage

you are strength

and as the wind calls your name to me i still fight to stay one step ahead. to break free of my sorrow.

i weep when i am sad. and i hurt when i have been injured. i feel. call it human. call it normal but i am still me. you may laugh you may even end this thing called friendship, witch i have rarly known. but i will hold you in my heart. you will never be a memory to me.... just a whisper in the wind....


i hope you read this some day and realize who you are. to the day i die it will stay a secret but maybe youll see.... see that this is not just a game... it is love

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