City Of Wolves

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

To the far north of the country of Jalyne; on the outskirts of the great City Of Hana, the city of flowers,… is a dark frozen wasteland called the City Of Wolves. This place has been cursed since the fall of the Mad Wolf King, Deliro, for his transgressions against his human neighbors at the start of Border Wars. Now the wolves there are forever trapped in their animal forms and it snows all the time. They haven't seen the sun in decades. And they can't leave. The curse caused a barrier to appear at the edges of their city. Every type of creature, be it human or animal, can come and go except the wolves. The only way they can be free of the curse is if a human royal can ask a wolf for help. Which will never happen, right?

Table of Contents

City Of Wolves

"Don't run!" The man's words went unheeded and the dark shadows that raced across the ground quickened their pursuit. The only eviden... Read Chapter

A decade later.....   "Do you know that there was once a man that befriended the cursed wolves?" ? "Befriended??!!" ... Read Chapter