Shinigami, The Angel of Death

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She had been born in hell and it left its mark on her. But she became the hell and left her mark on everyone else. That's what happens when you are born and raised in the fires of hell. Even if it is hell on earth.

Submitted: May 11, 2012

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Submitted: May 11, 2012



First Meeting


She was fair and merciful to those who deserved it, but she ruled ruled with an iron fist. We first met when I was nine and she was seven. She became the gang boss at eight because some of the local drug dealers had decided to break the unspoken rule. No one messes with the Shinagami, her name for the street, and anything that belongs to the Shinagami, including people and places. They had decided to use her home, a huge old building that used to be apartments, as a hiding place for their drop-offs. Those, she delt with quicky and effienctly. My dad, a cop and I had been on the way home from the grocery store when the call came in that there was a tip-off for drug-trafficking. He had been the closest one to it, so he had decided to check it out.

When we had gotten there, we pulled into an alley beside a building. When my father saw it, he had gone white, I hadn't understood why till later. We had pulled up at the Shinagami's lair. My dad had looked at me and said that if I got out at all he would beat me. I had believed him. He had looked to serious for me not to. But, like all children after a while the threat lost substance and I got out and followed him anyway. I didn't have to go far, they had been piled on the porch. My father was leaning down to check their pulses, when I hid behind a column of the porch. He sighed with relief after checking each one. Then he looked up when a laugh came floating out of the shadows.

"I didn't kill them, so don't worry captain, they will suffer much more in prison," a soft husky vioce said in a velvet over iron tone, I should now my mom had one to though not to that degree. "What were they doing?" my father asked quietly. There were footfalls, and out of the shadows and into the lamp light came an angel. There was no other word for her. She had long straight perfectly golden hair that stopped above her butt and there were braids holding back the rest of her hair that made her look like she was wearing a crown. She had sapphire blue ices that looked like ice-chips. Her face was a perfect heart shape and her skin was clear and pale. An angel.

"They were in my territory and that is enough to get them killed, be glad they were not," her voice had chilled considerably. My father had nodded, which had shocked me a lot, and had cuffed each unconscious man. Then he called for back-up. She had been silent and completely still the entire time he did this. Then the wind had kicked up behind me and buffeted me against the column. She had frozen. Then she had disappeared only to reappear in front of me. "This is no place for children," she had told me while staring into my eyes. Then I blacked-out. That was the first time we had met.


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