What Makes Love A Great Mystery?

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The poem "What Makes Love A Great Mystery?" tells us how it feels being loved and being in love of course, all based upon my own experiences, thoughts and perspective. Furthermore, it will help readers widen their imagination as it will guide them in understanding how love has known to be a great mystery.

Submitted: January 06, 2014

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Submitted: January 06, 2014



What Makes Love A Great Mystery?


Why too many strong men become weak?

Why nutritionally healthy people turn sick?

Why most who’d been sleeping so deep,

Their spirits who used to be so silent get awake?



First, you meet and smile and greet,

Second, each founds the company you both never seek,

Next, unnoticeably it’s friendship between you that sticks,

Then, getting longer the feeling to its deepest extent gets.



When every moment with him it’s “cloud nine” you feel,

That in any single word or act you could hardly spell and tell,

Emotions in the heart so difficult to deal,

Finally you know that magic- it’s LOVE, until.



That though untidy, to you he’s dainty,

Though horrible, to you he’s super approachable,

Though unwanted, to you he’s so lovable,

And though immature, with him as “husband” you’re kind of secure.



Happiness is something that you know,

Sadness, oh there’s no way for it to go,

But as a coin has two sides we know,

In love too, we are in times high and in times low.



So unexplainable but mind you, I understand it sure,

So risky yet I know it’s worth risking for,

So full of ups and downs, yes, to perfectly complete the story,

But all these together makes love a great mystery.

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