Concept of a happy ending

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The thoughts of a restless and melancholic young man

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012




I feel oppressed every where I go

love sick

waiting for an answer from a girl I barely know

I go walking in the countryside.

I want to be alone

but what I really want is to be with her

everything would be fine now if I were walking and talking here with her

the countryside would seem beautiful as it has before

and the birds singing would be beautiful too

and I wouldn't mind meeting or seeing people as I walk

because I’d be with her

and we'd laugh and joke with and about the people that we met

not in a mean way but in the way that lovers do

but I'm not with her

I’m walking alone

and the people that I occasionally meet out here make me feel very oppressed

like I cant go walking in the middle of fucking nowhere without bumping into people I don’t want to see or talk too

the countryside doesn't look good to me now with the frame of mind that I’m in

the birds song does nothing for me

but its still better than being at home

at home I pick up the remote and flick through the television stations

I turn off the TV, throw down the remote and sit quietly for a moment

then I pick up a book and read a couple of chapters

then I put the book down

then I walk around from room to room

I grab a beer from the fridge

But I put it back.

My ass is already hurting when I walk and itching when I sit down

I need to lay off the booze a while.

I go back to my room

I flick through my movies on the shelf but none of them appeal to me

I cant watch any of them until I have an answer

and if I don't get the answer I need I may never watch any of them again

they mostly have happy endings and my concept of a happy ending would be shattered.

I wouldn't be able to share in the emotions of the characters

I would be too numb

I heave a deep sigh

and look out the window

its sunny and hot and awful

I go back to the fridge

crack open my beer

and drink long and hard

with longing and disregard.


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