The Scandal

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A tale of small town scandal.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012




It was sure to be a night to remember,

As the great and the good took their places.

Helped along with such pomp and great splendour,

And a veritable array of daft faces.


But nobody could have foretold, i believe,

The events of that erstwhile day.

Although many a column inch told it the next,

In their own inimitable way.


Not the vicar, nor the mayor, nor the doctor

Had the slightest inclination or foresight.

Only Elliot Brown, the town's notary,

Had a deep dark foreboding of that night.


For he'd planned the whole thing to the letter you see.

Crossed the t's, dotted i's, hatched and plotted.

And he'd dreamt it all up over dinner one night,

Whilst the town slowly crumbled and rotted.


And when it came to the plan's execution,

Then our hero lacked not the great timing,

Of a comedy master, or general's,

Call to rout or agree treaty signing.


For what Elliot Brown did on that night

Wowed and sullied both in equal measure.

When he took to the floor at the countesses ball,

And danced luridly, much to her pleasure.


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