Rose Of The Enshie

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a fathers story to save his child, enter the red woods and face a long evil who have hunted the Enshie for thousands of years.

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



Rose Of The Enshie
The fields were glistening with fresh fallen snow, faint cries of winter birds rang in the distance, near by a not yet frozen stream bubbled softly. These were the small things we missed. They were here for so long and yet, we took them for granted once the Edan begun their march.Now they were gone. Gods, how sad and pathetic must it seem. We, the once proud have now fallen to the ranks of mankind. But those thoughts are moot, and for another tale. Yes, this story will tell how we came to be the shell we are today. Like the dry dead leaves from a tree before the ice time, we were born, flourished, and died. And on these blood stained,haunted field's we remain today.

 Rose Of The Enshie
A small sparrow sits somewhere in the trees calling to it's kin, the forest is alive this time of year, the summer of the tree. In the villages the children play and laugh, babbling with not yet perfected elven tounge. These are the times we have come to be use to. It is a blessing and a curse, if only we had opened our eyes more. Had seen the signs, yet here we are.
I was working in the yard, chopping wood for the nights chill (which had gotten colder), my son Runtis came running to me with sadness flowing from his eyes, i picked him up and asked "what is wrong little one?" He wipes his face with slightly dirty hands smearing on his face, crying hard he tries to explain "papa, I'm sorry, ive not listened!" He cries harder, i kiss his hair and hug him close "hush little one, be calm and speak, tell of what haunts your happiness" still sniffing he looks up to me and cries slightly "i..i..i went into the redrose woods! Papa,and one of the dark eyes marked me!" I can safely say i was upset just by him entering the red, but all my anger vanished once he spoke of the dark eyes, the Cruleja as we know them, foul and unforgiving.
They have hunted the Elven kind and all living beings for a long as we have lived, and if they have marked my child...then we must leave our home or i go to the elders in near by villages and beg for help. I don't know what good it will do, once someone has been marked, the Cruleja get them.
I carried Runtis into the house locking the door behind me, (one never knew when the beasts would come) i sat him down and patted his head, not wanting to upset him more i hand him a slice of sweet leaf and a cup of gwin, he smiles softly and i begin to pack our bags. I decided it was worth a try to go to the other villages, if they wouldn't help us we could travel through and continue to the land of Edan, strangely the Cruleja never came close to the human lands these days, but if our kind wouldn't help us, then what chance would the edan's?. We readied for bed, it would be a long night (at least for me), we didn't have many weapons, a worn and dented sword,half cracked iron shield, and some leather and copper armour, but we would have to make do. I packed our sacks, there wasn't much food to spare, (our harvest hadn't grown full yet) so i put alittle more in for rune. We started out early in the morning i had gotten our horse saddled and carted. Sadly, we had to leave the hound behind i cut some meat and hoped he would use it sparingly. We set out rune was still asleep as i carried him to our horse and sat him on the saddle in front of me as we trotted away from our home, with one final glance back to our little wooden heaven, the place i had been born in, had married my lost love,had our son. Now like so much in our life, it would become a distant memory.
 Chapter 2-rose of the enshie
We left our little home, the falling leaves littering the ground adding a slight cracking sound, while some were damp from the morning dew. We rode slowly at first continuing till the light had risen to midday, we stopped at a small stream a hour or so from a large village, as we sat and talked filling our jugs rune looked up at me with sleepy eyes and asked (father? When will we be going home? I miss the farm.) I looked down for a few moments before for smiling and patting his hair (soon my son, we must visit some very old friends who can help us, then we will return home in time to pick the best harvest we've ever seen.) I didn't have the heart to tell him the truth, we could never return.
 Ravens leaf, 4 miles from the nearest town.
We had finally reached the boarder of the first town, a small village but well protected. We'd just have to make it through ravens leaf, as we set out i was already on edge, the forest was too silent, to empty, i should have noticed but my mind was elsewhere, the last i heard was a twig snap. I turned in my saddle to find from where the noise came only to be greeted by a blunt arrow. I awoke what must of have been hours later next to a small but warm fire to the sounds of runes laughter i sat up with a start and found myself face to face with a leaf strider, one of only a few beings to fight the Cruleja and walk away.
Eye black as night, skin white as the full moon on a cloudless night, yes this is the leaf strider. His swords are not in his hands but close enough to strike before i could land a blow. He is careful knowing well I'm going to be more than slightly mad, but he's sure so he hands me a plate and a small cup with warm tea. "I'm sorry it's not the best, but i can promise you it's filling".
"we ate and at some point rune and i must have fallen asleep. i woke just as the sun was starting to crest the skyline, its warm glow warming the trees. i looked around but couldnt find the strider anywhere, such as they were, striders were quick in the day and damn near invisivisble at night. i decided it was time to move, i couldnt wake rune from his sound sleep. he had enough troubling his young heart. as i picked up our packs i noticed they had gotten heavier, inspection showed me our strider friend had resupplied us with the same filling tea and snacks along with a note.."im sorry i couldnt be there to greet you upon waking, but i have work to do. ive given you what i can for you and your young one to make it to the village, keep on the path and dont stray into the shadows. the cruleja have been active."

"as i carried rune down the path i wonderd how things would played out diffrently, we would more than likely be home while rune played with his toys, my i couldnt afford to let those thoughts in.. i had to be strong for rune..and bringing her to mind would just break my resolve. i had to figure this out, i couldnt..wouldnt let the cruleja get rune."

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