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Something I used to write when I was in college during free time between classes. Basically it is a journal entry from the Grim Reaper. What could he possibly write about to relieve stress, read and find out.

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




Reaper’s Entries

Written By

Adam Kirby





Entry # 1




People always claim this trend will never die.Then I show up proving them wrong.  Sometimes the fad will make a comeback, but much like an average passing that happens every second of a day…so will I.  One could ask, “Why would Death care about a fad anyways.” The answer is simple and it is in my name…Death.

Fads are like sheep and the origin that starts them is the Sheppard.  I come in when the sheep furthest behind can’t seem to keep up, so instead of following his or her own path, he or she kills oneself…I know pathetic.*Happens every day somewhere in the world.

A young man following some emotional trend, group constantly talking of suicide…something about Elementary School sweethearts, and the cutting of the wrists, really is that necessary people.*I’m just a skeleton in a black robe and the sight of these people disgust me.  Well one day a young man couldn’t except so called rejection, no proof if he was just trying to fit in with the fad or if it was actual rejection and he hung himself.  I show my face and now this fad is a joke now.

This sort of thing happens all the time in every social group a fad takes part of, and oh does it make my job oh such easier.  I do have to say some of these I have dealt with were so creative, it made me think why you didn’t use this planning to be a Sheppard of a new trend.  Another person, no idea if it was male or female, couldn’t catch up so it wondered around in the forest till a pack of wolves did the job.  That was he/she planning, let nature take its course.  I guess the moral of the story is saver life and don’t give a damn whats popular, like what you like.

In closing


PS-For those who are reading my journal I have two things to say…Shame on you for invading someone’s privacy!










I have no idea what came over me last entry…oh well, in the past now.  Any-hoo, I read me a good book the other day and it got me thinking of the world of literature.  Story telling is as old as me, but the printed story on paper is a tad bit younger.

Who doesn’t love to curl up with a good book once in a while…actually I can think of a few places…one of them has a whole lot of dueling banjos and that fantastic barbecue coo…sorry lost in thought…

As I was saying it’s quite relaxing, soaking my bones by the fireplace with a good book.  There are ever so many books about me…I am so flattered considering the sight of me makes people freeze in fear.  I’ve read so many books over the past hundred centuries and I’ve decided to write my own book as well.  Maybe I’ll write about my job as the Reaper…no it’s been done a few hundred thousand times. 

Hmm? Books there not quite dead yet…but they will all be mine, when my work of art hits the shelf.



In closing,


PS-Sorry I forgot what book I was just reading…oh and books aren’t electronic, unplug yourself once in awhile…







Entry #3




My job has become most dry lightly.  There has been something missing, a sudden spark came to mind.  That missing joy in my job, which is fear.  I remember centuries ago, you so much as mention a mythical creature; they practically piss themselves in fear.  Now you so much say Frankenstein and the females in particular they seem to lick their lips in delight. 

A good example of this dilemma of mine would be just the other day.  A fat...uh…think she was a secretary…doesn’t matter…had a heart attack so I came to collect the bill, which is my term for soul.  The whole process she keeps darting me lovey eyes till I had to blindfold her…I men seriously I am a skeleton in a black robe…but I digress.

In the end it’s good to have a little bravery once in awhile, but these things don’t understand love…especially a zombie…hell there just the still living body where the soul left days or maybe it was years ago…but not my point.  My point is find love for the natural ladies…and...Well I’m just going to stick with that as a conclusion.




In Closing,



These creatures are nothing like the movies get over it...


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