Domestic Abuse on Men

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Abuse on men caused my women. Double standards?

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



Me and my friend were having a discussion about abuse in a relationship from women to men. It really fascinated me so I dwelled on my own research. I came across the following video on Youtube which just really disgusted me. The equality we have for women pushes away the equality we have for men.

It's outrageous that if a man is the victim of domestic abuse by a woman, he's portrayed as weak and is ultimately laughed at. My friend argued that men can defend theme selves. She stated that domestic abuse wasn't as serious when it was aimed at a man rather than a woman because men are stronger than women and it's less likely that serious physical injuries can take place. I did agree with her somewhat but overall, she's full of crap. Firstly, she completely ignored emotional abuse. Emotional and physical abuse are both serious occurrences. If anything, I think emotional abuse is worse. The brain is our strongest organ in the body, you attack that and your whole world collapses. It's also stated that the men who are abused emotionally by their girlfriend/wife often aren't aware that it's happening.

I read an interesting article:

which hit the nail on the head. The section where woman abuse is rationalised as being naggy, bossy, tough, harsh or aggressive just irritates me so much. Had that been a man who held those traits, abuser would have been printed on his forehead. Everyone  would be telling the woman to leave before it starts to get physical. Why can't men be treated with the same curtsey. I actually branched out to more people and asked my mother what she thought. I was disappointed to hear that she thought similarly to my friend, she thought that men can look after them self, it's not as serious as a woman victim. The abuse 'traits' such as possessiveness and bossiness is something that is just labeled to girls, we aren't aware that they're something much more serious.

Also, men aren't encouraged to speak out about this, they're taught by society that this isn't abuse. Only they can abuse their wife/girlfriend. No one should have to be treated like that, despite whether they can 'look after themselves' or not. It's degrading and inhumane. You want an equal society for women and men? How about giving men the help and support they need instead of making them feel like their abuse is something they should be ashamed of.

I would highly recommend that you do some research on this topic. It's really quite fascinating to learn about these different roles that men and women have despite the development of sexism.

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