It was never meant to be

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The first times in the first long relationship and the break-up..

Submitted: April 25, 2008

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Submitted: April 25, 2008



It was never meant to be

The first time she saw him

He was running down the court

With the eyes on him

He was dunking for his team to win

The first time he saw her

She was standing near the court

With a smile on his lips

He was dunking for her to be impressed

The first time they kissed

They were on the court

Celebrating the game he just won

Showing everyone how their little love has grown

The first time he told her

That he loves her deeply

They had to say Goodbye

He was leaving for his next season

The first time she visited him

She didn’t told him about

Just waiting till he finished the game

And watching him being surprised

The first time they made love

She was laying in his arms afterwards

He looked in her eyes and told her

He needs her in his life

The first time they moved in together

Was on their four - year anniversary

The first night they made love

With candles on the boxes around them

They had a lot of first times together

But then there came the first doctor’s appointment

The first ultrasound picture

The first time they heard the baby’s heartbeat

After five months she realized something is wrong

The first time she told him about her feeling

He started crying so deeply

They both knew their baby boy wont live

After they came back from hospital

He tried to keep busy all day long

She tried to keep her feelings bottled up

But they never could talk about their baby’s loss

They lost each other over the pain

They broke up and moved on with their lives

They got married to other people

But they still won’t forget their five years together

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