To kill

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Hurting your loved one without meaning to - and then dying for making that huge mistake.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011





I know my mind is pretty ill

I'm just another girl who'll kill

Kill the fire inside your heart

I don't wanna fall apart.


Tall, dark buildings, the things I crave

Just another soul you won't save

So many eyes, that with tears I will fill

Hold on baby, I am going to kill.


I'll damage your life, I promise it won't hurt

I'm gonna kick you down and let you lie in dirt

You are slowly dying as we're running down te hill

Oh, beware, my sweetheart, for I'm ready to kill.


We're standing face to face, nothing left to say

I remember the fire burning you down the other day

I can see your eyes, they're watching me so thrilled

Please forgive me, love, but tonight I have killed.


I have killed your heart, your body and your soul

And now, because of me, you will sink into a hole

Honey, don't forget me. I know you love me still

And just to have you near, myself I will kill.

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