Pained Affection Sequel 01

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Since that horrible day in that small village,Rikuto has continued to live awaiting his beloved's return.But will he find her too late?

Submitted: August 17, 2010

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Submitted: August 17, 2010



Pained Affection Sequel 01

Emi Hoshina lay in her full sized bed,her head gently pressed against her cream colored pillow.She gently clutched onto the pillow with her hands as beads of sweat cascaded down her forehead.Already she knew what was happeneing,it was that dream,no nightmare.The same nightmare she had been forced to deal with since her 16th birthday.Her back arched in pain as images of a katana dug itself into a woman's stomach,the woman lounged upwards in pain as a familer sensation burned in her stomach.The burning seemed to intensify as it seemed to feel as if the burning cascaded through her entire body.Emi's eyes widened in pain as the familer sensation of pain erupted in her entire body as she opened her mouth to scream,but sound refused to escape her lips.'Help me.Help me.'She thought as the back image of a man with crimson hair entered her mind.A stray thought of hope entered her mind as she outstretched her right hand towards the strange man.'Help me,please.'She thought as the man turned towards her yet his facial features were unclear to her."If you want my help...then say it.Say my name."The man beckoned as Emi shook her head as she quickly replied"But i dont know your name!"She shouted as the man sighed towards her,as he began making his way towards Emi."Then i cannot help you."He whispered as tears welded up in Emi's eyes as her brunette hair fell to her sides hiding her face from view.

The man's familer sihouette soon faded away into a thick mist along with the pain that once conquered Emi's body,the feeling of her arms and legs soon returned as she slowly opened her eyes as she peered towards her window.'That man....iv'e seen him before.But where?'Emi thought to herself as she raised from her bed stretching towards the ceiling.She then began to walk to her closet laying out her navy blue sailor uniform for school,she then laid her clothes on her bed as she made her way to her bathroom.Emi stared at her reflection in the mirror as her cerluean eyes glistened in the mirror,she then shook her head as she then began her morning routine brushing her teeth,and washing her face.She then rummaged through her bathroom drawer finding a silver brush as she allowed it to run through her brunette hair,Emi smiled to herself as she walked out of her bathroom quickly changing into her school uniform.It was true the Emi who now lived was exactly as she had been before.Just as beautiful,and just as inlove as she had been before.But unaware of who she was inlove with.Who aman she couldnt identify?A man she did not know?Yes she was,she was inlove with him.His voice,his familer crimson hair seemed to entice her ever so closer to this strange man.A hint of red appeared on Emi's cheeks as she thought of this mystery man,she blushed faintly as his voice entered her young mind.

Emi then slipped on her brown flats as she walked downstairs where her mother once again waited with a fake smile on her face.Ever since Emi could remember her mother Misaki had never truley smiled at her.Yes her mother was Misaki the same Misaki who had escaped her death by the demon her own daughter had fallen inlove with.That demon Rikuto.Misaki had never had the heart to tell her daughter the truth.To tell her the demon she had fallen in love with had wiped out their entire village."Mom,im going to school now."Emi called towards her mother who neither talked nor acknowledged her daughter's appearence.Emi sighed as she walked out their house entrance while a single tear rolled down her mother's cheek."That demon,leaving me to live an eternity.Until...they are reunited."Misaki said to herself as she watched her daughter for the hundreth time in 525 years.Yet she had only recently found her daughter 11 years ago,any regular mother would have been happy to find their child.Yet she was not.Her daugther to her was a curse.How could she be happy?Knowing that she was forever cursed to watch her only daughter live and die before her 17th birthday.

After Misaki escaped from her village she roamed the lands searching for a new begining,she had even settled down with a young merchant who reminded her so much of her beloved.Though,around that time she began to realize she did not seem to age a day,it was true her appearence has never faultered since that horrid day.Already Misaki could remember the horrible remarks of her being called a Witch and a Demon.Of all the things a demon.That was something even Misaki could not stand.Misaki averted her pale cerulean eyes towards the window where she watched her daughter once again walk the asphalt pavement with her friends,happily.Slowly a strange feeling seeped into Misaki's heart and subconcious,a feeling she had never realized was even there.Hate.She hated her daughter,one whom she had loved once before was now someone she hated.It was because of Emi's pass relationship with that dispicable demon Rikuto that she was cursed!Cursed with an immortal life of pain and suffering until that demon was reunited with Emi.But even if he was reunited with Emi would the curse really be broken?

Misaki glowered as she ran her slender fingers across a rather long knife she kept tucked in her skirt pocket,she gripped onto the wooden hilt until painful splinters were lodged into her fleash.She sighed as she slowly raised the knife to her throat,swallowing slowly as she allowed the cold steel to slowly dig itself into her neck.Oh how many times had she tried to end her life?So many times she had wished to die as her own husband had,though she knew she could not.Silent tears streamed down Misaki's pale cheeks as she withdrew the knife and threw it onto the living room floor,she held her now pale neck with crimson streams flowing down it.Though already she could feel the warm sensation of her fleash mending and tissue within her neck regenerating,it was a horrible curse to live with.Misaki slowly slumped to her knees while covering her face with her hands and began to sob loudly.

Else where Emi walked among her two best friends Hotaru Kuso,who Emi can only describe by saying"Energetic."Hotaru Kuso was a fairly short girl for her age,but made up for it with her child like beauty.For Hotaru seemed to have the innocence of a young child with her lovely emerald green eyes which with her short firey red hair seemed to enhance her beauty quite a bit.Though to others like Emi's friend Keisuke Arata,Hotaru was anything but innocent.Keisuke was a fairly tall boy and was a Junior in Hayamata High school just as Emi and Hotaru were.The first thing Emi noticed about her friend was his eyes,which seemed to not simply look at you but through you.At times it creeped Emi out completly,but after a few years with Keisuke she has become immune to his strange gaze.Keisuke's eyes were a pale grey color which seemed to clash drastically with his dirty blonde hair.Though his eyes matched his attitude towards others,cold,with only Emi and Hotaru were the exceptions.

Emi thought to herself as she continued to walk with Hotaru and Keisuke half listening to Hotaru pointless complaits about Keisuke attitude.For everyone knew Keisuke acts the way he does because he can,and that wasn't going to change.No matter how much she wanted it.Emi sighed as she allowed her mind to wander back to the strange nightmare she has continued to have.Every night it was the samething,the horrible buring sensation in her stomach,the feeling of the woman taking her last breathe.Though at the very end of each nightmare,for what seemed to be an eternity warm lips were pressed onto the woman's.But why could Emi experience it?Why could she hear the woman's final thoughts through the kiss?She held her head slightly as the image of the handsome man with unruly crimson hair came into view.Oh how Emi wished she could see his face,for she could not imagine what he looked life.Only that for some reason she was inlove with him.Emi gripped onto her chest slight subconciously as a sudden ache burned in her chest,Emi took in a shallow breathe as her vision became blurry.

Keisuke peered towards Emi who appeared to be staggering greatly with her footing."Emi?"He asked in confusion as a certain feeling of nausea filled Emi completly,she peered towards the sky as she soon found herself falling backwards towards the cold asphalt."Emi!"Hotaru shouted in distress,as Keisuke swiftly took hold of Emi's right hand slowly pulling her to his chest."Keisuke..."Emi whispered as her head slumped deeper into his chest as sleep overtook her.Keisuke shook his head as he swiftly picked her up bridal style as Hotaru stared towards them in confusion and distress."We are too far from her house,ill take her to the imfirmary."Keisuke stated as Hotaru shook her head vigerously."No,i want to go too!"She shouted as Keisuke once again stared towards Hotaru with that skin crawling gaze of his,Hotaru shivered slightly in fear as he spoke once more in a stern manner."Go to school,you dont remember anything that just happened."He said as Hotaru's emerald eyes for a second appeared almost hollow like as she nodded as she skipped happily towards Hayamata.

While Keisuke sighed to himself as he began walking in the opposite direction with Emi cradled gently in his arms.Taking her to the imfirmiary whould only make things worst for her special situation,the best thing for her was to return to Misaki.Misaki,her so called mother.Keisuke gritted his teeth as he continued to walk as Emi began to stir in his arms,as she gently placed her right hand across her chest clenching it tightly."It-it hurts."She whispered as tears spewed down her cheeks as Keisuke gently wiped away the oncoming tears."I know,hopefully it wont hurt much longer."He whispered to her as Emi breifly opened her now redened eyes as Keisuke stared deeply into them.Instantly Emi found herself becoming lost in the deepgrey pools as her entire body slowly began to relax."Remember him,and the pain will go away."Keisuke whispered as Emi's eyes widened in shock.Him?Did he mean the man from her nightmare,how did Keisuke know about him?Though something deep down inside of Emi continued to whisper'Leave it be,dont remember him.You could live a better life without him.'

Emi held her head in pain as the words echoed through her head loudly causing her great pain."N-No...stop it.Stop."She murmered as tears continued to roll down her cheeks as Keisuke stared at her.'Its not working.'He thought to himself as Emi roughly pushed herself from Keisuke causing her to fall hard on the asphalt.She held onto her slightly scraped knee as she struggled to her feet and began running,Keisuke watched her sighing to himself."Perhaps that was too much for her."He said thoughtfully.

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