55 minutes in a relationship

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55 minutes in a Relationship

Two hours passed, Anuj is still sitting on the table number four at Cafeteria. He was waiting for his girl-friend Rohini to come. Rohini is that girl who filled colours in Anuj’s life. They are in a relationship for around 6 years and Anuj is planning for proposing Rohini for marriage.
It was Anuj’s 26th birthday and they were planned to celebrate it with spending some good times together.
Anuj has a complete planning about spending his 26th birthday like first they will meet at Cafeteria then movie at inox, after that Lunch in a Hyatt and then in the evening he will propose Rohini.
By the time waitress came to Anuj’s table and asked
“sir your order ?”
“Can you take it after some times ?” Anuj replied.
“ sir you are ignoring your order about last 2hours. And we can’t allow you to block this table like this.”
“ Actually I am waiting for some-one to come.”
“ sir my shift will be over in 5minutes, then your table will be handled by some-one else and he may not allow you to sit without giving an order.”
“ okay wait. Let me call her first”
Anuj connected phone call with Rohini.
After some blank tone machine voice answered “The number you are trying to call is Not Reachable at the moment, please try after sometimes.”  
Anuj tried to connect his call several times. But the result was same.

Waitress comes after 5minutes after changing her uniform. Anuj looked at her and thought what a cute girl.
Waitress comes to Anuj’s table and said
“sir my shift is over now, your order will now be taken by that guy on the brown t-shirt.”
Waitress exits the cafeteria and move towards music shoppers stop.
Anuj was still waited for Rohini at Cafeteria. While a 6ft muscular boy came towards Anuj and asked
“why are you sitting here ?”
“why people came to cafeteria ?
For eating of course” Anuj replied.
“are you jocking ?
where’s the food in your table ?” That boy asked Anuj.
“food is coming .” Anuj replied.
In this situation two other waiter came and told “ Table number four has no order for around 2 hours”
“ I will give the order, I am waiting for someone.” Anuj responded.
“is it a bus stand ? or Train station ?
that you are waiting for 2 hours without giving an order.” That boy asked.
“ok ok. I will somewhere else.” Anuj replied.
Anuj left the Cafeteria after some heated arguments.

Cafeteria is situated one side of the City center mall, so there is lot of place to wait for Rohini. Anuj was very much abused by the waiters. He was searching for a place where he can wait for her Love of life Rohini.
Suddenly he reminds that he need to buy a gift for Rohini. So Anuj goes towards Shoppers Stop.
Anuj entered into Shoppers stop saw some cool t-shirts in the left corner, he like’s a light pink t-shirt and pick it then he goes to trial section. There is a big line in front of trial section, he joined that line at the end. Suddenly Anuj saw the girl from Cafeteria exits from the trial room 1. He called that girl.
Anuj: “hey miss, miss cafeteria.”
(very loudly)
Every-one on that line staring on Anuj and that girl.
Girl ignored Anuj and moves towards jewelry area.
Anuj also leaves that line and follows her towards jewelry section.
 he called that girl.
“Hey you”
“yes. what do you want ?
and why are you following me.” girl replied.
“I am not following you. Your muscular security guard throws me out of the cafeteria. They are very rude.”  Anuj said.
I told you earlier, you should listen my words and ordered something, otherwise you are blocking that table for a long time and that’s not our policy” She said.
“but what is this manner of throwing a customer from cafeteria ?” he said.
“Well, this rule is only applied on beggar customers.” She replied.
“beggar ? what do you think ? I am a beggar ?” Anuj asked.
“no. you are a customer without paying money. Happy ?” she replied.
“yea whatever !” he said.
“ so can you leave ? now ..” She asked.
“leave ? from where ?
I am here for shopping ?” Anuj said.
“oww. Shopping. You want jewelry ?” she asked.
“Noooo. This is my t-shirt you know.” Anuj replied.
“yea, nice colour. Pink suits you.” She said.
“yes. my girl-friend Rohini loves pink, and I also like pink floyed.” Anuj replied.
“mind blowing. Total Rab ne banadi Jodi. Like sharukh and anushka  You both should celebrate holi together.” She said.
“yes I like colours, but Rohini has some allergy with colours, so we don’t play Holi together.” Anuj said.
 oww what a crap.. she think about Anuj and Rohini.
“hey Mr. if your work done here you can check out from here.” She said.
“yea. Actually I want to bought a ring for Rohini, will you help me to choose ?” Anuj replied.
“ok. Choose any-thing from this collection, this are the best collections of shoppers stop.” She said.
“I think this diamond shaped ring looks ok.” Anuj said.
“what ??? Diamond shaped ring !! are you crap, Its vogus. Take this one. She will loved it.”She said.
“yea yea, who made you sales girl..” Anuj said.
Anuj bought that ring and they comes out from the shop together.
“hey I am leaving now.” She said.
“wait. Just few minutes Rohini will come here.
then you can meet her” Anuj replied.
“why should I wait for her.” She said.
“its not for her, actually I am waiting here alone, so if you stay then I couldn’t be alone in here.
Please please. just few minutes”  Anuj said.
“but I need to go home, it’s my lunch time.” She said.
“that’s fine you can have your lunch here in food court or subway.” Anuj said.
 “I worked at cafeteria not for wasting money in Food court or subway. Okk ??” she replied.
“yea. But mmmm.
I can pay your bill.” Anuj said.
“why ? your are not my boy friend or husband to pay my bill”
“yea but it’s kind of a treat.
a friend can give you treat I guess.”  Anuj said.
“okay.” She said.
Food court is in second floor so they take escalator and move towards food court and sit on a table at far left corner. The view from this table was awesome. Calm air passed through their side and long vacant area is in front of that left side.
Anuj ordered a lunch bucket for her and some snacks for himself. They were in the enjoying their food and talks about themselves.
“So where do you stay ?” Anuj asked.
“I am in P.G at Salt lake.” She responds.
“P.G ?? why ?? where is your family ?? “ Anuj asked another time.
“They are in Jamshedpur. Dad works in steel plant and mom was their for helping Dad.”
“Why are you here alone ?”
“My college is in here.”
“wow. You are still studying.” Anuj asked.
“yes. I am doing MBA in IEM Calcutta. What do you think am I ?”She asked.
“no actually I thought you are a working girl at Café or else.1” Anuj said.
“well that’s just a pocket money not my profession.” She replied.
suddenly Anuj’s phone rings.
Anuj pick it and its Rohini on the other side.
“oh my goodness I was hoping for your call.
I am waiting for you in Food court when will you come ?” Anuj said on the phone.
“ Anuj I am not coming their.” Rohini replied.
“Why beby ? What’s happened ? are you alright ?” Anuj asked.
“yea I am alright but between us it’s not going anymore. So I suggest you forget me. It’s over now, and don’t call me anymore.” Rohini said.
“ But Rohini what’s the problem ? I am planning for proposing you and our marriage .”
“Fuck your proposal. You are a looser, don’t you have a glass in your room ! you are a vogues person and your family is cheapest family in twon. “  Rohini repied.”
“but I have feeling for you” Anuj said.
“Fuck your bullshit feelings. Go to hell” Rohini said.
and Hang up the phone.
Anuj was totally blanked for a moment , he can’t even think about breaking up with Rohini . And now that crucial thing happened over a phone call. Anuj breaks into tears inside the Food court.
Screaming loudly …
“Why  ?? Why ?? Why ??
Why she did this to me ???
Why ?? “
Everybody on that food court staring at Anuj.
She (that cafeteria girl) was very much ashamed about Anuj’s condition. She was trying to convince Anuj that this kind of thing happens in life. And he must overcome it.
But Anuj !! where is he ?
he was in a Shock after the break up call. 
 Anuj through his chocolate shake in the floor and screams more loudly.
Why she did this to me ?
it was a very horrible situation there. One of man slips in front of the table as chocolate shake was all over the floor.
Few moments later two workers of Food court came to that left corner table and told them to clear the bill and leave. After hearing this kind of statement Anuj was very much in shock. He stands up and jumps over one of the worker. In this moment four-five other staffs came here and through Anuj outside the Food court.
Anuj was all alone lying on the floor outside the food court. After few seconds she came out from the Food court.
“Where are you ?” Anuj asked to her.
“Here’s your phone. You dropped beside’s the table.”She said.
“But where are you ??” Anuj asked again.
“ I am paying the Bill.”She replied.

“Bill. What bill ?? they threw me out of this area and you are paying bill ?” Anuj said.
“yes. It’s the Ethics. They sell food and we eat. But did they really misbehave in their food selling department ?
yes or no ? no. so it’s our duty to pay our bills. Otherwise the amount of this bill will reduced from the salary of this employee.”

................... TO BE CONTINUED

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Your writing was interesting and I enjoyed reading it.

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