this one's for ma best buddies who always stood next to me come what may,,,,,they wiped ma tears whenever i went low,,,,i wish them all the happiest things in this world

smileyyou desire your belief

your desire's the relief

but your desire isn so brief

though so do you aren't

so do am i

so do the world around us

less aren't the delications

less aren't the felicitations

though less aren't the complications

so do u aren't

so do am i

so do remind you

so do remind me

we aren't left lonely

do give me, do tell me....every your thought

do take me.....

this is your, though jus a best fren

so, jus say.......

lovely are we

funny are we

the cuties are we

n are gonna be forever.......

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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