Beth's problem head

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Beth is a teenager, who discovers that she may die soon. She does not take it well.

Script 1

Beth has been having head aches and has gone to see her doctor.

A – Sorry to keep you waiting Miss Anders

B – No worries, So what’s wrong with me?

A – I think you should sit down

B – (laughs nervously) That doesn't sound to good

A – Please sit down

B – No I, I don't want to sit down

A – Miss Anders, Beth please

B – Please Just tell me

A – You have a brain aneurysm

B – What?

A – It is deeply in bedded in your brain,

B – perfect is this the part where you tell me I have two choices either get it cut out or...

A – Beth its in too deep to operate

B – How long have I got?

A – Beth I don't think now's the time

B – How long!

A – It's hard to say

B – Tell me!

A – Six months, a year, maybe


Script 2

Beth has been acting real strange, Alex confronts her.

A – Hey


A – Beth?

B – What!

A – is everything alright?

B – Yeah fine why?

A – You've been real weird lately

B – what is that supposed to mean!

A – Is something going on?

B – what do you mean?

A – nothing; its just that you've been acting, I don't know? Distant.

B – have I?

A – is something wrong?

B – No! What would be wrong?

A – Beth you know you can tell me anything. Right?

B – There’s nothing to tell!

A – Beth?

B – I'm fine. Just leave me alone.

A – Wait Beth, Beth.


Script 3

Since Beth got the news of her condition, she has been taking it rather badly.


A – Beth?

B – Huh?

A – What are you doing?

B – (laughs) Nothing

A – Are you stoned?

B – Maybe

A – What is up with you?

B – Shhh! Its a secret

A – Tell me

B – No (falls)

A – Beth? Beth! Oh my God Beth!




Submitted: October 14, 2011

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