i refuse to let you win

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Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017



I refuse to cry 
I won't give you the satisfaction 
I were to die
It'd seem a rational reaction 

But I won't flinch 
I'll stand my ground 
I won't move an inch 
I won't make a sound 

To argue is useless 
You never seem to hear 
My cries of distress 
Fall on a death ear 

It is only once you start to think
Do you remember 
That I said I'd sink 
Do you recall last December 

I said I wanted out 
I said I wanted time 
But all you returned were shouts 
Of how the choice wasn't mine 

Now you call me to your side 
And say perhaps this path is wrong 
Don't you see how you wound my pride 
Don't you see it's taken too long

Now I'm stuck 
I'm barricaded
I'm out of luck 
My choices have faded

Too little to late 
Now I must accept my fate  

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