Into the Painting

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A & B wanted to get a head in the world to do so the bought a portal opener

Submitted: November 29, 2011

A A A | A A A

Submitted: November 29, 2011



What are you wearing?
A- hey you get the thingy?
B- the best money can buy 
(turns around, shows A the device)
B- what are you wearing? 
A- it's traditional 19th century dress 
B- you skirt is see through
A- it's all the costume shop had, besides I'll blend in unlike you who will look like some kind of alien. Why didn't you wear what i got you
B- I'm not gonna wear... This is fine
A- so is that the right painting? 
B- I hope so it costed enough 
A- how much? 
B- does it matter? If this works we're going to be rich
A- right so how does this work? 
B- I think you just hold it up like this and...
C- excuse me 
B- what the?
A- did the...
B- painting just talk? Do paintings usually talk? 
A- I don't think
C- If I could interject, did you want to come in to the painting? 
(A & B look at each other) 
B- that was the idea 
A- yeah 
B- how do we...? 
C- take my hands 
(C holds out hands A&B take them)
C- ready? 1 2 3 jump
(A&B are pulled into the painting) 
Into the painting 
A- where are we?
C- inside the painting 
B- not the 19th century? 
C- no
A- now how are we supposed to influence our great grandparents into buying stock?
B- think of the money! 
C- the money?
A- the money! 
(A&B cry)
C- what? Do you mean to say that you only wanted to come through the painting to make money!?
B- no, no how'd she know that 
A- I don't...
C- hello  yeah hi standing right here 
B- yep 
A- right so how do you get out of here? 

D- you're stuck 
A- what?
E- your trapped in here just like us
B- I'm sorry? 
C- what D means is you can't get out, not  unless you brought the device you used to get in here
A- did you bring it?
B- I thought you had it!
A- are you telling me there is no possible way to get out of here! 
E- well there's 
D- you mean?
E- Aha
C- oh god here we go again
A- could someone please tell us what the he'll is going on!
D- we're gonna do a spell
B- a spell?
C- they think their magical
E- we do not think we know!
C- yes that explains why we're all still in the painting 
D- Its not our fault the batteries were down 
A- batteries?
E- yeah for our wands! 
B- wands?
C- they came from a Harry Potter convention 
A- I see
D&E- we did not! we came from Hogwarts! 
C- whatever (Rolls eyes)

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