The Witch at the Clearing

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote this because i was angry at the people who saw fit to burn those accused of witch craft. this is me getting revenge for the inocents who were killed during the witch trails. i'm not sure if i will make this a novel or keep it as a short story. feed back is much apresheated, mind my spelling because it is terrible.

The Witch

The crowd cheered as she was pulled from the carrige.

Her face was bloody her hands were bound.

Her eyes were covered by a blackened cloth.

She was lead through the crowd towards the gallows.

Even though she couldn't see it she knew what awaited her.

The bells in the church tower chimed.

Her heart beat quickened as she was thrust upwards onto a platform.

Her bare feet could feel the splintered wood beneath her.

The blind fold was removed and the sunlight blinded her.

To the left stood her exocutioner reading out the crimes she had been accused of.

None were true of course.

However because she had been acussed all of her former rights had been serspended.

To protest, to state her inocence would have been pointless.

No it was better just to take the punishment as it came.

By keeping her mouth shut she had managed to advoid the torture used to persade guilt onto the inocent.

Her silence had not however spared her from the guards rough treatment.

Do you deny that you are infact a practiser of the dark arts!” asked the exocutioner

The question being more of an statement than a question made a smile creep across heAbigail's face.

The town percher dressed in white and red robes stepped forward,

If you accept the charges and repent you will be spaered”

Abigail smiled again hearing the perceher prech the will of God was one of the many torments the government saw fit to use to trick the accused into atmission.

Abigail just looked blankly at him the smirk of a smile still lingering on her face.

The Precher took a step back fear and uncertainty finding refuge in behind his eyes

Do you wish to repent?” he asked.

Abigail stood still her expresstion still vacant.

Do you wish to repent?” the precher's voice wavered as if no longer certain of what the reply would be.

Abigail scanned the crowd with her eyes, she was looking for him.

It was his fault she was up here, his fault that she would soon feel the rope tighten around her neck, his fault that she would have to leave.

But he was nowhere to be found, he wasn't there.

I Ask again do you wish to repent!” the Precher's voice was louder now almost angary but an ounce of fear hung in his voice.

No” Abigail's gaze narrowed and the crowd grew quiet all atentive, all afraid.

What?” The fear in the preachers voice now showing fully.

I said no” Abigail turned to look at the preacher.

My name is Abigail Amelia Carthright and I say no”

Then you Shall burn in hell” the Exocutioner said pulling the lever causing the trap door beneth Abigail's feet to open.

A gasp swepted across the crowd.

Their eyes wide with shock Abigail smiled.

Not what you expected?” She asked sweetly just as an apple wizzed through the air toward where Abigail hovered.

The apple stoped just in front of her face, it exploded into a shower bright blue sparks. Abigail flexed her hands and the ropes binding them behind her slipped from her arms.

I gather that you lot expect me to lay down and die at your pathetic ignorant hands”

She cocked an eyebrow and floated forwards so her feet found the platform.

I am not evil and I will not harm you even though most of you would deserve it, however I will leave you with this all of those women and children you punish for being what you claim to be devil worshipers were most likely inocent do gooders who only wished to help improve the state of your living condisions. My power does not come to me from any form of devine force it belongs to me and me alone. My soul is safe as your god doesn’t exsist and further more torturing people into admission is a barbaric pass time that a lot of you seem to find pleasure in does that not defy your gods laws is not killing in his name still murder, therefore does that not mean that all of you will get what you desevre, an eternity in hell?” Abigail raised her hands to the sky;

Dark of mind also of heart

you shall now see what thou art,

a curse a spell or what you will

your life will remain living hell

I tried to help to save you fellows

now only the worthy will escape the gallows”

the sky turned from day to night, blue fire rained down from the sky surrounding the claering in a ring of blue fire. Sparks flew from her hands and the trees surrounding the clearing came to life, the branches searched the cround tieing nooses around the guilty members of the town. The people with high conections in the court who had gotten away with all the felonys they had comitted. As for the rest of you I surgessed you repent! Maybe then you will have decovered what your ignorance has lead you to be, wild unruley cruel animals, Animals that doesn’t sound like a bad idea” Abigail smiled wickedly and pointed her hands toward the croud.

All those who saw but never said,

shall transform into what they dred

no longer walking on two feet,

a nasty smile with pointed teeth,

yellow eyes and constant hase

you shan't remember during the days

this transformation shall only come

when the moon shines as bright as the sun”

Blue sparks leapt from her hands and shot into the townsfolk. Abigail clicked her fingers and her rags desolved leaving a long flowing white gown in there place, the dried blood and dirt that had covered her face faded away. Abigail's Eyes Shone bright blue as she smiled “I might see you again in oh say another 10 years or so. When I return I will decide if you have learnt your lesson if so I may lift the curse if not well good luck” Abigail laughed clicking her fingers. Abigail then vanished in a blaze of blue lights and the platform where she had been standing began to sink into the ground. Abigail was true to her word and returned 10 years later, however on her return the towns folk become even more horrible. They invaded other villages, they stole ,they raped, they pilaged, No one remembered the witch in the clearing and they were all unaware of what they became each full moon and so Abigail became disheartened. She turned away and swore she would never return.

Submitted: October 14, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Arrowspell. All rights reserved.

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This brought a smile to my face. I concur with everything Abigail said about these humans; she was like a true divine force of nature herself, making her claims and power undoubtedly genuine within the story. This was probably my favorite revenge story so far. I like how you proactively create an origin tale for werewolves.

I found it ironic the witch in your story was named Abigail, considering that was also the name of the primary antagonist in the play "The Crucible," (Abigail Williams) who set into motion the witch trials in her community.

Just to help out correct some grammar errors (a little too many to list at once), here is my revised version of the executioner's first line:

"Do you deny that you are in fact a practitioner of the dark arts!"

Other words I found misspelled I will proceed to list corrected for your convenient reference when editing:

innocence, preacher, preach, spared, living conditions, dread.

Overall, I LOVED IT! xD

Mon, October 24th, 2011 9:47am


thanks =) i liked the name Aigail, as i based the charater on a friend of mine, her name is not Abigail however it does start with the same letter (A) she just seemed right for the story. thank you also for the corrections as the spell check is broken on my laptop =D

Tue, October 25th, 2011 2:37am

Ben A Vanguarde

Wed, July 4th, 2012 12:27pm

Ben A Vanguarde

You have captured the terror of the impending hanging well. The rich descriptions of the confrontation was surprising.

What happened ten years later should have been in another paragraph.

I like vivid descriptions.

Wed, July 4th, 2012 12:30pm


Thanks =) and yeah this was going to be the start to another novel but instead i made it into a short story I apologise if it ended to quickly

~ Arrowspell

Sun, July 8th, 2012 2:01am

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