Unlikely Revenge

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A and B have been partners for a long time, that was until B decided they wanted to terminate this partnership.

Submitted: November 29, 2011

A A A | A A A

Submitted: November 29, 2011



Unlikely revenge 
A clears throat
B- what! How are you here I shot you? How are you alive? 
A- I'm not I'm a ghost 
B- really?
A- no 
B- then how did you survive 
A- now that is a tale of heroics, narrow escapes and many dangerous escapades that would make you skin crawl all the while avoding the cliches of death
B- really? 
A- no you missed 
B- oh
A- I have come to get my revenge 
B- for what 
A- you tried to kill me
B- but I didn't 
A- you tried to kill me! 
B- but I didn't I missed, well ok if you must kill me do you reckon you could come back and do it tomorrow?
A- what? Why? 
B- well you see 
A- what? 
B- I've got a date 
A- with who!
B- you wouldn't know them
A-  oh come on for old times shake
B- no 
A- then I am sorry but I must now do what I came to do 
B- very well
A- your alright with this?
B- fair is fair and you say I missed
A- yes 
B- well it's not a mistake I will make again 
B shoots A and misses
A- dude 
B- bugger 

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