The Secret

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Trust that all things have a spirit..... And it's alive....

Submitted: February 14, 2015

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Submitted: February 14, 2015



The Secret

It's a secret 
Not for the Loathsome

For if they knew exactly what to do
They will vilificate it

Written in code 
Only in pictures like a puzzle

All you have known 
Was don't believe what you see or hear

Although it said 
The Truth The Truth we can't bear

So when it is revealed 
We can't understand or exSert

Research on your own and pray
Let yourself penetrate the matrix

Judge truth yourself
Become your own expert

Life is real while we are here
Spirit is real not for kids like trix

Our  before us, Who Are us
Who guide the tough

Strengthen the weak, 
And provide the bread

Has already learned 
What is some of what we still don't really know

Therefore we have a chance  to do what hasn't

That we are strong too and make a different pattern

By spreading and speaking what matters

So Everyone can, have it and live it as our little Secret

-Seraiah Naomi Israel

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