Before the Revolutionary War and Years after

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Here's what George Washington and his men really did before the Revolutionary War and after the speech George gave them.

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011



George Washington- Let's get down to buisness. To destroy. The Regulars.

Soldier one- But I don't know how to shoot.

George Washington- You will learn. You nerd. Your the saddest runts I've ever met, but you can bet before we're through. Men I'll make a soldier out of you!

Soldier 2- Do we have to clean cannons and sit in the cold? And sing?

Soldier 3- Obiously. 'Cause there's nothing else to do.

Soldier 4- The tea tasted great! But why did we have to throw it over board?

Soldier 2- Didn't you pay any attention?

Soldier 4- Ah, Well... No.

Soldier 3- General! We got an idiot who doesn't pay attention to anything!

Soldier 4 whispers- Tattle tale.

George- WTH?! (What the Heck!) Educate him until he learns! 'Cause I will make a soldier out of you guys!

Soldier 5- The fire is dying, I'm dying of hunger, I'm dying of thirst, and I'm dying for someone to take my virginity away!

Soldier 7- WHAT!?

Soldier 5- Nothing.

Soldier 1- I see them!

George- Time to ATTACK!


Later: George- We won! We are now a free country! And it's going to stay that way!

Many years later...

Obama- Mwhahahaha!!! I now have control over America! Mwhahahahaha!!!

Ghost George Washington- WTH!? What happened to my beautiful country?!

So that's what George Washington and his men really did before Battle. Oh, before all of this they did the really moving speech and Soldier 6... Well... No one could make him a Soldier.

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