Brother, why can't you love me?

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I am still in a battle against my brother. I want a truce, i want us to love each other without crying, bleeding, and or brusies. Now it has gone from bad to worse. We dont love each other, he is rarely home, im not allow to look at him, we hardly speak, and holding each other...

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



You were excited to have me as your baby sister.

Why aren’t you still?

I am here every day to help around.

To help take care of whatever is needed to take care of.

You ignore my pleas, questions, and comments.

You were the first who caused me great pain.

You show me no sympathy when I am down.

Brother, why must we always fight?

Brother, why must we always hate each other?

Do you not want me as your sister anymore?

Was it really my fault that I made your life a living hell?

Do you want me out of your life forever?

Why are we fighting for?

What are we fighting for?

Tell me why? Please brother.

Give me a reason why you don’t love me anymore.

You loved me in the pass why not now?

In the present and hopefully the future?

Why can’t we try? Just try?

Think of all the things we could do together.

Without having to hate or quarrel with each other.

Brother, why can’t you love me?

Now and forever?

Brother, I ask again.

Why can’t you love me? Brother, My Brother

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