Fighting The Monsters Inside Me

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My ultimate fight with parasites. Not a good situation to be in at all. There are lots of dangerous situtations to not be in but you can clearly see them, they are outside. Parasites, you cannot see them because they are INSIDE of you.
Quote: They might have won the battle, but We will win the war!”

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



What are parasites? They are organisms that feed on the living hosts. We are the living hosts.


There are many different kinds of parasites. I’m not sure what kind I had all I knew was they caused me extreme pain. I was so weak I started giving up my body completely. 


My brother had them but not as bad as me, he got well within a day or two. Me... weeks, possibly a month.


This happened years ago not sure how old I was when it started but what I remember is I couldn’t move a muscle, I threw up a lot, more than I did in the past, I was the sickest child in my family, always getting ill and stuff. I nearly lost vision even though I am already near sighted, it got worse. My hair fell out whenever I would find my strength or I am motivated to go take a shower.


I would throw up ever hour of each day. Mostly I would crawl to the restroom but when I became weaker and weaker; my mother had to give me a large bowl for me to vomit in. My vomits would nearly fill the whole bowl, luckily it didn’t.


Through my fight with the parasites, my body began to turn into just skin and bones. You can clearly see my rib bones, I was pale looking, miserable, and my eyes were wet from the burning tears. I wanted them out of me no sooner than later.


I soon lost my voice, my strength and my belief that I would get well again. My body felt paralyzed even though I wasn’t it felt like it.


We were going to send me to the hospital for we were afraid that it was a bad parasite, turns out it wasn’t it was a minor. Thank goodness.


The Doctor/Specialist gave my mom some golden looking pills and told me to take them. But… I refused to eat or drink. I was so much in pain. So again, I had to be motivated into taking the pills.


While I took the pills, I began to get my strength back. I would still throw up but not as much as before. I also ate healthier, nutritious, soft foods and my body began to heal, no more boney me! Now even though I am partial lactose intolerance, I can drink milk, just not from the store. I drink raw milk. Don’t get confused by the word “raw” it’s actually the milk that hasn’t been put inside a machine and taken its good qualities out of it.


Soon I had the strength to walk again, but not too much, I was tired, so very tired. My vision cleared up again but I needed my glasses to see very clearly.


With in a few weeks after taking the pills, I was my outgoing, strong self again. I could finally write, sing, dance, act, and run, all the things I couldn’t do because of my fight with the parasites.


They had put up a good fight, but I conquered them with the help of people who motivated me.



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