Highland characters

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These are the Highland characters

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



Book 1: Highlander's Secret

Book 2: Forgotten Highland Lord

Book 3: Taken by a Highlander

Book 4: Highland war and love

Book 5: To catch a Highlander




Dalziel-fifth son-Main man in "Highlander's Secret


Alasdair- (ALL-us-tir)-Second son-Main man in “Taken by a Highlander”


Brice-Third son-Main man in “Forgotten Highland Lord”


Conan-Eldest son-Main man in “Highland war and love”


Hart-fourth son-Main man in “To catch a Highlander”


Eonan- (YOE-wun or YOH-nuhn)-Father of Dalziel, Alasdair, Brice, Conan, and Hart.


Aoife (E-fa) - Wife of Eonan


Gowan-antagonist in Highlander’s Secret


Alexina- Main girl in Highlander’s Secret


Constance- Main girl in Forgotten Highland Lord


Fiona- Main girl in Taken by a Highlander


Kyla- Main girl in Highland war and love


Una- Main girl in “To catch a Highlander”


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