It's We the people NOT you the government

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This is just something that poped out of my mind sorry if it's really short.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



The Constitution stated that it’s “We” the people. It did not say anything about “You” the government in the beginning. To me the Constitution is one of America’s most treasured piece of work. To see or even think about the government we have now, try and twist it up into horror, to me it’s just, UNBELIEVEABLE.


The Constitution was made for a purpose. A purpose that most of us forgotten or never heard before. We should never forget the people who wrote the Constitution, one of the symbols of America’s freedom.


The government we have today thinks everyday of the plots he has plans for “his” future. “Our” future we need and desire contains a state and world filled with wonders that will make you want to see it again and again.


If we let the government take control of our lives and our future families’ lives, we will all be in a down fall. But, if we stand together, brother and brother, sister and sister, “they” would not stand a chance against us because there are more of us, and less of them. But we are just too afraid. Afraid to take a stand on what we believe in, a stand in what God would want.


We are afraid-we are afraid that “they” will take everything away from us. We are so much afraid that we keep this either a secret amongst our family and closets friends, or… we don’t speak at all.


What terrifies me it’s that there are some people out there, relatives, friends, etc. Who don’t understand; they don’t understand the reason why we need food storage, a farm, and protection. “Those” people out there “rely” on the government to protect them when they should be relying on each other and God.


But God won’t just let a miracle happen in a snap no. “You” have to start it and God will end it. Yes, in your darkest hour, God will be there even if you think He isn’t, He is.


God doesn’t want his beautiful state or even world to fall in the hands of evil and I don’t want that to happen and I don’t think you would too.

So will you join and take a stand to the government and say, “Get out of our business!”


It’s like I said before, “We are like Rome. A strong country with mighty soldiers ready to protect us and a government who is mighty also but also firm, like a father. Then along came another a dark man and he fiddled while America/Rome burned.”


I don’t want to see America fall. I don’t want to see it burn. And I don’t, want people to forget what America was like before we were born.

Remember the Constitution-It “WE” the people. NOTYou” the government.

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