The Assassins of Calling All Assassins Trilogy

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Assassins, what more could you ask? More will come.

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



Assassin: Kaito

Age: 25

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Light brown

Height: 5’9

Description: He was the leader of a small assassin group which included Leighton, Uruvion, and Hall. Before he became an assassin he was once a bodyguard for the president until Xander, the head of all assassins invited him to the group which Kaito joined. Kaito is half Japanese half Italian. His father is Italian, his mother is Japanese. He cares for his family and comrades. He is pretty much the one assassin who mostly jumps out of windows. He is engaged to Zephaniah, Zane’s twin sister. His signature weapon(s) was brazing knuckles but now it’s a Glock 23, like what mostly all assassins have. He still has his brazing knuckles but only uses them when he runs out of bullets. He is a fourth degree black belt and his biggest fear is if anything happens to his family.



Assassin: Leighton

Age: 20

Hair: Short, Black and with gold highlights

Eyes: Lavender with a little blue/green/grey

Height: 5’4

Description: She is so far the only female assassin. She has been an assassin all her life. Her uncle is Xander, the head man but they keep it a secret about it. She is a determined girl who doesn’t stop until the person they are hunting is assassinated. When she was six, her mother was killed cold blooded and after seeing that she begged her uncle to train her in the art of assassination. She can be prideful which can bring her down. Her signature weapon(s) are two daggers and Beretta 92. She likes Hall but doesn’t know that Thatcher, Xander’s henchman likes her too.


Assassin: Hall

Age: 24

Hair: Really short ginger hair

Eyes: Green

Height: 5’13

Descrpition: He is the older step-brother of Uruvion. His father married Uruvion’s mother when Hall was twelve because his father needed a wife and he needed a mother. Hall is the only one who can wake Uruvion up when he is in his dead sleep. He cares about his brother more than others. Hall is the calm one of the bunch and he rarely shows any feelings except towards his step-brother. He secretly likes Leighton but keeps quiet about it. Before becoming an assassin, he was a hired thief along with his brother. Signature weapon(s)-Grenades and S&W Model 66.


Assassin: Uruvion

Age: 23

Hair: shaggy blonde hair

Eyes: Sky blue

Height: 5’11

Description: He is the younger step-brother of Hall. He can be immature but when it comes to assassination he takes it very seriously. He is a dead sleeper and only Hall can wake him. He was nearly blinded in his birth year but was saved so he sometimes wears glasses. He cares for his brother more than others in his life. Before being an assassin he was a hired thief along with his brother. Signature weapon(s): machine gun and H&K P30.


Assassin: Thatcher

Age: 31

Hair: shaggy black hair

Eyes: forest green

Height: 6’2

Description: He is one of Xander’s henchmen. He has a sharp eye and never misses his target no matter how far they are. He likes Leighton but then gives up after a long while. He is a former husband and has a son who is dead. He is the most quiet one making him seem a little mysterious but not as mysterious as Xander and Dagrun. He is also one of the founders of the Assassin Circle. Signature weapon(s): Battle Rifle and H&K USP. 


Assassin: Harailt

Age: 33

Hair: Burgundy

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’15

Description: There is not much about his childhood only that he is a father to Iain. Harailt used to travel a lot before becoming an assassin. He is another founder of the Assassin Circle. No one knows of his parents except the fact that they are assassins as well. Signature weapon(s): QSZ-92.


Assassin: Iain

Age: 19

Hair: Same as his father

Eyes: Hazel (his mother’s)

Height: 5’6

Description: He is the son of Harailt and even though he is so far the youngest, he acts more adult than teenage or childish. When living with his mother, he lived in a world of chaos, when his mother was murdered, his father returned from Ireland and took him under his wings. Signature weapon(s): Megastar and lighter


Assassin: Demetrius
Age: 23
Hair: Spiked. Black with blue tips.
Eye: Changes from time to time. (He wears contacts)
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 298 pounds. (Mainly muscle)
Description: What he lacks in size, he makes up for in strength. He’s extremely strong and has great agility, speed, and adrenaline.
Demetrius is a person who likes to speak his mind ALL OF THE TIME. He holds nothing back when he’s talking about someone including himself. He may come off as a jerk at some points but he means well in everything that he does. He’ll do anything for his best friend, Sydney, and his (spoiler alert) Wife Sarah. Doesn’t really work well in groups however but he can lighten up to the idea quickly.
He’s smart but he doesn’t use his brain that much. He’d rather just go straight into fighting than sitting around and making a good plan about a proper execution. He doesn’t like being called short and can get angry quickly if you compare him to people who take steroids.
The only things he truly cares about are his friends, looks, muscles, and kicking someone’s a**! Joins the Assassin Circle for the final assassination. (Created by Jenny, FallenNinjaRouge’s friend or relative)


Assassin: Hail

Age: About Indeterminate, about thirty years old

Hair: Blacker than sable

Eyes: Azure

Height: 6’5

Appearance: Slim but muscled

Description: He’s the captured essence of a fledgling water elemental bound to the mind and body of a human, specially trained as a magical assassin. Its innate magical nature derived from his water element parents that make him superhuman. He’s rentless and ruthless. He was trained basically from birth and the wild spirit of the element makes him extremely powerful; he’s very disdainful of anything below him. Signature weapon: Water element. He joined the Assassin Circle for one final assassination. (Created by Jack Delago and Alisindra).


Yassen Knight





Description: Yassen is a retired assassin who joins The Assassin Circle for the final assassination.

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