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Three troubled guys. An Atheist, an alcoholist, and a homosexual all wake up on morning and find out that they each have the wounds of Jesus Christ the Savior. Based on a dream my friend had.

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Submitted: October 13, 2011



Troubled ones:

Vincent Goldburg- Gay, height: 6'0. Age: 16. Boyfriend: Roy. Wound: Crown of Thorns. Healer/helper: Jules Vern, a 19 year old son of a preacher. History: Vincent has always been diffrent from his religious family, feeling that they would kick him out and or buly him, he ran away to live with his "secret" boyfriend Jules. Family: Daniel and Delia (parents), Oliver and Sydney (siblings both older). Vincent turned gay because the last girl he dated did something really, really horrible, more horrible than cheating.


Hanna Chasen- Alcoholist, height: 5'4. Age: 15. Boyfriend: None but later James. Wound: The 39 lashes. Healer/helper: James Cavelier, a 18 year old street preacher. History: Her father died and her stepmother conviced her to drink, smoke and party, now her stepmom is dead. She is an only child and now lives with the Cummings, strict people who believe in etiquette and beating bad, undisiplined children. Hanna drinks as a way to self-mulitate. She is the only troubled girl in this novel.


Stone Ashton- Atheist, height: 6'3. Age: 17. Girlfriend: Madison Mayson. Wound: Naild hands. Healer/helper: Matt Damine, a 17 year old Jesus freak. History: Stone was never interested in Christianity or anything religious. He lives with his older brother who is very religious and tries to get Stone to believe in Christ but fails all the time. Stone's girlfriend Madison, is a porn freak, and wears very modest clothes. Stone is known as a ladies' man and does it to tease Mad and making her jealous.



Jules Vern-Son of a preacher, height: 6'4. Age: 19. Girlfriend: none. College: Havard University. History: He's very smart and with that he got accepted to Havard. His father is a preacher and his mother is a healer, she heals people just by talking to them about Christ. His older, married brother, Johnathan Vern, lives in Israel teaching people there about their ancestors in Jesus's time.


James Chavelier- Street preacher, height: 6'1. Age: 18. Girlfriend: none but later Hanna. College: Lone Star. History: Living in the streets almost all his life, James first spread the word of God when he notices a Bible in the trash think why would anyone throw away such beautiful peice of work? He now lives in the college with the principal as his father and the principal's wife/ history teacher as his mother. James later becomes Hanna's boyfriend after she redeems herself and stops drinking forever.


Matt Damine- A Jesus freak, height: 5'8. Age: 17. Girlfriend: Sally Tyler. History: He is the only healer/helper who attends the same school the three toubled teens attend. He is known by everyone a Jesus freak, carrying a cross and Bible everywhere he goes. He has a little sister named Janette who is very fragil. During the healing process of Stone, Janette had a severe seizure and dies but is healed and raised from the dead. Filled with tears of joy, he tells Stone why this happened and that changed Stone and Madison (she is also there).

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