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This is the beginning portion to the short story I'm currently writing. It's a work in progress so I would greatly appreciate some feedback!

Submitted: April 24, 2016

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Submitted: April 24, 2016



The clock stared at me; its pale face scowled in my direction, its arms frozen in time. Moonlight crept beside my curtains and illuminated the side of the room on which the clock hung. The closet door stood open, alert, and waiting. My window called to me, begged for my presence, and to the window I went. My feet felt safe on the soft, yellow carpet beneath my bed, but as I made my way to the window, ominous shapes of irascible creatures leered at me, and distrustful objects and electronics snickered in hushed whispers at their plots.

I ventured towards the window; it seemed as though I’d been roving for an infinity by the time I arrived. The clock continued to stare its evil stare as I stood in front of the window, and its ravenously sour intent spiked the hairs on my neck. Time’s relentless refusal to relinquish its mighty grip on my throat, whereby it strung me up, helplessly frozen in the echoes of the night, made my ears go cold and my lips quiver.  I pulled back the curtains, and opened the window exposing my body to the tempestuous woes of the outside world.

The air rushed onto my face and made my lips dry-up and my eyes flicker. The sky rang its bell, propositioning me. How dare it request me; a travel to the sky would’ve been the end of me, though the bastard believed me too ignorant to know this. I replied back to the heathenous realm, attacked it with the thunderous boom of my voice, which resonated from deep within my chest, “You cannot tempt me with your illustrious blues and your vibrant oranges you vile thing! The sanctity of isolation within my chambers shelters me from your bilious ways, and I know of the manner by which you’ll attempt to seduce me, but my will is strong, so give up now you demon-sky!” I slammed the window shut and sunk back into my room, not bothering to close the curtains. 

I was born asleep.



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