The Last Breath

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Tutankhamun is a Pharaoh and ruler of the city of Tell el Armana near the banks of the Nile. He is silently in fear as there are signs of a murderer lurking in the halls of his palace. Tutankhamun ihides his fear in order to continue his role as Pharaoh.

Submitted: May 27, 2014

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Submitted: May 27, 2014



The Last Breath

A horrifying girl’s scream echoes the golden halls of the palace. Men in white cloths wrapped around their waist stampede to the noise like a bull rush with their armour in their hands. The great column structures past them like a blur. The guards enter the room and stop suddenly altogether like they were met with a solid wall, within their sight appears a young woman servant curled up on the floor stretched out like a starfish. A man bursts out from between the huddled guards and peers over to the woman. Dressed in a fine linen cloth wrapped around his waist. As black as the knight of armour his hair falls to his shoulders and shines like the shield of the knight. Kohl running along the sides of his eyes on his bronzed skin. He raises his hand in signal for the guard to search for the cause of the servant’s death. The guard kneels over to the servant examining the peach skin. No sign of injury appeared, his eyes followed up her right arm to her neck then extends his arm towards her neck. Moving her head softly, on her neck appears two dots crying with blood. The guard turns to Tutankhamun,

“A venomous snake, Pharaoh.”


The tall swift grass sways together in a wave motion along the Nile. The mixture of yellow and green compose the grass hiding silhouettes of the hippopotamus’s lurking amongst it. Light from the disappearing sun shimmers across the murky waters of the Nile, leaving its last breath of light. Sounds of laughter and chatter from children fade in the darkness. Candle lights flicker across the great city of Tell el Amarna preparing for the night. Above the great city lays the golden palace of Amun. The great column structures of the palace stand tall shadowed by the night sky. Specks of the palace walls reflect the fading sunrays. The first steps of the palace are guarded by the overpowering stone structures of Jackals. The god Anubis, which protects the palace from any harm. Beautiful gardens surround the palace in rectangular and triangular shapes filled with the repetitive coloured patterns of the lavenders, tulips and lotus’s. As high as the mountainous sand dunes the palace stands, built from the enormous power of the slaves kept captive. Inside the palace, flames on sticks sit against the walls enlightening the halls. Pots of plants appear every five meters alongside the walls. The Pharaoh walks across the hall and into a room spilling scents of roasted meat.


There is a silence as Tutankhamun enters the room filled with the strong smell of roast oxen and geese. Sweet sounds of the reed flute awaken the room. The edges of his mouth rise and curl into a smile with the satisfaction of the delicious feast awaiting him. He sits on his high stool made of precious ebony coated with gold and the hieroglyphics of his name. The Pharaoh turns to his left with the image of a beautiful woman with hair darker than his running past her shoulders. Kohl is spread across the top and bottom of her eyes stretching outwards in a straight line. This is the Pharaoh’s wife Ankhesenamun he dearly loves with all his heart. Tutankhamun’s messenger appears from the right and halts a meter away holding a square clay tablet. Tutankhamun makes eye contact with the mud coloured eyes of the messenger. Tutankhamun nods.

“Pharaoh, a message I have received has come anonymously. It reads, watch the next step you take, Pharaoh, for I am watching like an eagle waiting to devour its prey.”

The messenger read.

Ankhesenamun is left blank as if she had seen the fate of her lover. Tutankhamun reflects a similar emotion and is left staring at the messenger who is in silence with his head down.

“You are dismissed,” Tutankhamun stresses as he turns away to stare at the steaming ox meat and figs.

As the messenger leaves the room Ankhesenamun joins her bony short fingers on his hand clenched into a rock.


The sun peaks through the opaque cotton flying peacefully in the ruler’s room. The cotton lightly touches the foot of Ankhesenamun as she awakens by the rays of sunlight kissing her cheek. She lays on the wooden framed bed; four inches high with the comfort of leather weaved straps securing her back. The Pharaoh lays next to her sound asleep with the white linen sheets dented in the shape of his body. Leaving him to rest more, Ankhesenamun levels her feet with the ground and stands, stretching out to the ceiling. Tutankhamun opens his eyes to the sounds of a bird flying past the balcony. Through the opaque cotton he sees the figure of Ankhesenamun gracefully moving across the white tiled floor. Tutankhamun sits up and stares at the smiling golden footrest at the edge of his bed. Within the doorframe on the left below the hieroglyphics of Anubis, a servant stands. She holds a linen cloth and a milky stone bowl filled with water. Tutankhamun signals for the servant to approach him.

“Where is Ath?” Tutankhamun asks the servant as she places the stone bowl on the floor.

“She is attending other duties in the courtyard Pharaoh.” The servant replies as she dips the lifeless cloth in the bowl.

“What are my duties today?”

“There are merchants coming today before noon to trade their goods from up North, also the food will be ready soon in the courtyard. Later in the afternoon it is advised for you to inspect the irrigation problem on the banks of the Nile.”

“Busy day my love,” Ankhesenamun comments as she looks over the city of Tell el Armana.

“Indeed,” Tutankhamun replies.

Ankhesenamun turns around to face her love receiving a grooming treatment. It is faint what you see through the opaque cotton hanging from the ceiling. She gives a smile to Tutankhamun. The Queen sees a silhouette figure coming out of the door of the room, moving slowly like a crocodile lurking up the banks of the Nile. The dark shadow sprints towards Tutankhamun and the servant. Ankhesenamun is alerted, she shouts to her husband of the man running towards him. Tutankhamun shoots up, the man has stolen the Pharaoh’s crook grasped in his hand. The man forces a kick in Tutankhamun’s stomach, the Pharaoh falls onto the floor face down. Ankhesenamun screams for the man to stop. Thumps and cries scream out of Tutankhamun. Guards stream out of the door towards the man and wrestle him to the ground. Ankhesenamun runs to Tutankhamun, there is blood escaping from the gash in his head and in the back of his leg, as he lays lifeless in the puddle of red. Ankhesenamun’s eyes struggle to focus with the blockage of the tears. Everything is deaf in her ears as the cries and screams become mute. A part of her drifts away with the soul of her lover. She dies inside as she falls swiftly as a feather into the puddle of red.

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