Lady of the Lake

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The story based in the Medieval Period, tells of a young boy crying on a bank to the local lake. When he calls on a creature of the lake, in the form of a beautiful young woman.

Submitted: February 01, 2014

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Submitted: February 01, 2014



The lady of the lake:


In the calming breeze from the riverbank, a child would softly sit. Glazing into the water of shine, a tear fell from their eyes. Kneeling slightly the child weeped, hearing the echoes of a dripping sound, slowly they looked up, they seemed some what shocked, twas a lady standing upon the water of the lake. “What is she?” the child thought, looking towards the beautiful figure, who slowly began to walk towards him. Her voice as soft and gentle, but came across like there was something she was hiding, but it wasn’t that easy to pick up, behind the kind expression.


“Are you lost little boy?” The lady spoke gently, looking toward the young weeping boy, gently holding out a hand. Her long wavy hair that was of ebony black fell upon her soft gentle, hands of snow white. She offered a sad lonely smile, wiping the young boy’s tears away from his eyes, letting his tears roll down her fingers. The boy looked up at the lady with a bit more of a shocked expression now, he noticed that her hands were almost as cold as her soft gentle voice. Looking at the clothing the lady was wearing, he noticed that it looked somewhat grand, expensive looking, but also he noticed that the dress was made of water lilies, and other materials that floated in the lake.


“N-N-no Milady…” The young boy stumbled, with a strong English accent. His gaze now completely on the lady, who would be standing on the water. “Who are you? How do you know this trick?” He mumbled while noticing the young beauty with a soft smile upon her face. His soft tanned cheeks flashed a shade of soft red, seeing her lovely smile. The lady’s hand would sit gently upon his cheek, looking into the shine in his eyes, her expression turned to an expression of sadness and regret. Which made the boy think of what his father said when he was a child. “Are you my mother?” The child spoke softly, as his eyes began to water. The lady just offered a soft smile, and would nod. She was now a spirit of the lake due to her body being thrown into the water after being burnt at the stake.


The young lady who used to be known by the name Alexandra, stroked the young boys cheek, with a soft smile, with a hint of sadness in it. As she helped the boy walk onto the lake with her, she would look from the riverbank at a burning corpse… the corpse of the young boy. The boy couldn’t understand properly why he could now walk on the water, until he saw the reflection of something in the lake, some sort of red light. The boy turned his head gently to see what his mother saw, the site of his own body burning in the flames, of ‘cleansing’ and the local priest would be standing by the burning body, reading verses from the bible and throwing holy water down onto the burning body.


The lady looked down gently at the boy, she seemed somewhat sad, she watched he son’s body burn. “C’mon… We no longer belong here William…” Alexandra spoke gently. Whilst placing her hand onto his back and turning him around gently, he began to walk with her across the lake towards a forest where a light was waiting for them. They both slowly walk into the light while holding each other’s hand, they closed their eyes. Slowly, they begun to hear the laughter of children. In heaven they were playing around happily, looking at the new arrivals. They gave them all a polite smile, this was the first time Alexandra and William felt wanted.

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