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people going through depression and hard times

Submitted: April 30, 2015

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Submitted: April 30, 2015



when you wake up in the morning and find that your life is black, you just have no energy to do anything, your life has come to a stand still, you feel that the whole world is against you, you have no patients for anything, your life is in one big mess, your only thoughts are to die.

Inside your head is a mess, you cannot think, your inner self is telling you to end it, but for some reason your heart is telling you that you have a life it just needs sorting out by getting help.

Now is the hard part, who do you call for help, who can you trust, do you trust your friends, will they help or make fun of you and make you worse, do you go to family, will they say buck up get some life into you, or will they help you by getting in touch with the psychotics.

what happens when you see a psychiatrics, do you break down in tears, do you babble on about your feelings, it is hard to say what you want to say as it all comes out in a mess,  you feel as if you just want to get out of this office and find a place to kill yourself, but you stay there because you know that you want help.

then the doctor ask you questions in which you reply but in a babbly way, you sit there tearing your life out to a complete stranger and it feels good like all your problems are being lifted from you, when you come out of the doctors room you find yourself in a great mood and feel like all your problems have gone, But, it takes weeks to sort out your life by going back and forwards to the doctor.

when you have been cleared from your problems and have a clear mind, you wonder why you worried about that nearly killed you,

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