the love of fay

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the disappearance of fay

Submitted: August 26, 2014

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Submitted: August 26, 2014



What are we going to do? i know she has just turned sixteen but that dos not give her the right to go on walk about, it has been two days now and not a word from her, i think she is being very ungrateful after the birthday we let her have.

I know dear and i think that we are all worried about her, it is not like her to go out and not say where she is or where she was going, she always tells us.

Well if she's got it in to her head to stay out without an explanation then when she gets back here she will have a surprise she will be very sorry as i am taking everything back that we gave her for her birthday till she learns that she is still a child.

Don't you think that is a bit harsh, when it is the first time that she has done something like this?

Your right dear, I'm just worried that's all, oh why don't she ring and let us know that she is safe, i am not waiting any longer I'm calling the police.

Oh Hallo inspector thank you for coming as i have explained to the officer on the phone and given all the details that i could muster, i can't think of anything else as i am to worried about her.

In your explanation you say that you and your daughter get on fine and that there was no argument between you when she disappeared, also i would like to know sir of your where about since that day.

Excuse me! are you suggesting that i may of harmed my daughter in someway, i think you must be joking inspector, or do i have to get my lawyer.

Sir i can assure you that i do not joke about cases like this, and that it is normal to asked such questions as these, i am sorry if it upsets you sir, but, the fact remains that you have not heard or seen your daughter since her birthday,therefore we have to look in to every situation.

Sorry inspector, of course you are right, i will get you all the info on where i have been since the party.


Oh my god darling the police want to know of my where about since Fay went missing, surly they don't think i have something to do with it, i love my daughter very much and would never harm a hair on her head, you know that.

hush now, don't go worrying about that, they will find her and bring her home, i know they will.

Trev mate, just heard, is true that Fay has go missing? oh mate what can i say, has there been any news from her or the police?

Hi Jeff, yes it is true and no there is no word, the police what to know of my whereabouts since she's been gone,

Are you kidding, they suspect you, the one who cant even kill a fly without getting all up set, surly they have got better ideas to go on than that,

Sills in the front room with her mum and brother tom.



Good morning miss, my name is inspector Robinson, may i call you Jane, i have to ask you Jane what happened at the party, who was Fay with, did you know all at the party or were there anybody strange that you did not know, i know you and Fay are the best of friends so you must know all her other friends, was she with her boy friend?

inspector the party was great nothing un aware happened that i know of, Fay stayed mostly with her boyfriend Tim, when everyone left i was the last and said goodnight to her and then came home, if she was in any trouble she would have told me as we share everything, she looked great when i left her, she said she was tired and that she would do the clearing up in the morning, i said to her that i would come over to give her a hand, when i got there the next morning i was told that she was not in and that they thought that she was with me, oh! please inspector please find her, i miss her so, where are you Fay? come home please.

Hallo Jeff, come in, sit down, can you think of anything that might have upset Fay, for her to run away like this?

Sill I've been wracking my brains out  and cant for the life of me think why Fay would do this, it's just not like her.

just then the phone rings making them all jump up in surprise, they all just stare at it for a moment then sill picked up the phone, it was the inspector,  he wanted to know if anybody had heard of a Steven James, we have just been informed by one of Fay class mate that Steven James has a crush on Fay and has been following her around just watching her.

Oh god what are you saying? do you think that this Steven James knows where Fay is? oh god please don't let him harm her, sill starts crying over the phone as trev came in he snatched the phone for sill to find out what upset his wife, trev went white as the inspector told him, he nearly collapsed.

Trev put the phone down and explained to the others what the inspector said, sill and her mum were on the sofa cuddled up together, Jeff put his hand on trevs shoulder, all trying to console each other when the door bell rang. Tim went to the door but there was nobody there just an envelope stuck to the door,tom took it down and returned to the front room the writing on the envelope was address to trev and it was in Fay handwriting, tom gave it to trev who for a moment just stood there, then they all said come on read it let us know what it says, trev said Jeff call the police and get them here now, sill and her mum were screaming at trev to read it, then trev opened it up and just stood there dumfounded, then he said we will find Fay and bring her home, it reads {that Fay is ok but she will not be coming home ever again unless Fay ex boyfriend Tim drops her and never see's her again.

This mad boy thinks that Fay is his girlfriend, oh god what has she got mixed up with, this is scaring the life out of me, just then the door bell rings again, everybody froze, nobody wanted to move then Jeff went to open the door, it was the inspector, he came in looked around and said you all look like you seen a ghost.

trev gave the letter to the inspector who said how many have touched it, trev said he was the only one who touched the letter but Tim held the envelope, the inspector took the letter by the corner and told the constable to put a bag on it and the envelope which will be used for finger prints.

Tim said what would make a boy do something like this, don't he know how many people he is hurting,

the inspector said, we are dealing with a very disturbed boy and will have to use kid gloves on this one, don't worry sir madam we will find Fay and bring her home, constable i want you to get her boy friend to give a statement out to the news and papers saying that if he lets Fay come home he will denounce Fay and never see her again this might convince him long enough or he even might make a mistake then we can nab him.

sir the constable said  they have an address we have units going there now,

Well constable lets not hang around here, lets go



when they arrived at the address the crew were already on the search, Steven was sitting on the sofa looking a bit lost for words, the crew searched the house and found nothing, the inspector sat next to Steven and said ' listen Steven, we need to know where Fay is, her family are very concerned about her, we know you have a crush on Fay you have been seen following her around, but kidnapping is a very serious crime, so have you harmed Fay? where is she? is she safe?'

Fay is safe she has not been harmed, i would never harm Fay i love her, we are both at one right now, i am sorry about her family but they should of realizes about her ex boyfriend was no good for her he dose not love Fay he only cares for his football he has no real feelings for Fay like i have, i will look after her now, we love each other.

look son we just need to see her just to see if she is ok so we can tell her parents that she is safe and no harm has come to her.

Well i could let you see her but it has to be only you nobody else, you will have to promise me that nobody will follow us if they do Fay will never be seen again, i will have to blind fold you and tie your hands up, so you make your promise now and we will go to her.

ok son but you have to let me inform my superiors so they know what is happening, i promise there will be nobody following, just you and me, give me a few minutes then we will go.


oh just great the inspector said to himself tied up blindfolded in the boot of a car what have i got into this time, little did the boy know that even though he had been searched he knew he and Fay would be rescued, he had a monitor attachment to his tooth which he used for situations like this, well it was a long drive stuck in the boot must have been a good hour or more, when they arrived they walked for about half an hour turning right and left and left and right, then we were inside a house,he took the blindfold off me then as my eyes were adjusting i noticed it to be a country cottage, i said to Tim where is Fay? then he turned me round then nothing till i came too in a cellar of some sort on a bench near the wall, in the middle there was a bed with Fay on it, she to was tied up and gaged but her eye's looking at me were asking questions which some i could not understand as she looked drugged, then i noticed Steven was in the room said he was sorry for knocking me out but he did not want me to know where we were, i said to Steven do you know what you are doing with them drugs as he had shelves of them.

he said not to worry it is tea time he will fetch us some food so he went out the door, i tried talking to Fay but she was too far out it to understand while Steven was gone i tried to get out of my chains but i just could not move much, the next i knew was there was a lot of commotion and a scream that put the fear of god in me, Steven came running in the room picked up a syringe and started to walk over to Fay when two officers jumped on him there was not really a struggle because Steven had stabbed himself with the syringe which contained arsenic which i do believe was supposed to be for Fay.

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