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suggested kidnap, photos, disappearing persons mysterious detective, what was in the photos.

Submitted: August 21, 2013

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Submitted: August 21, 2013



There they are, i could not find them anywhere, i looked and looked but silly me there they were all the time on my head, i think i will have to go to the opticians to get a pair so i can find the pair I'm looking for, but that me all over i put things down then cant find it when i want it.

Any way, hi, who are you, how can i help,.

sorry sir my name is frank Newman i am a private detective, my client has hired me to find someone you may know so i need to ask a few questions if you don't mind Mr George.

Well i suppose if i can help in any way then go ahead and ask.

Mr George, i understand you know Mary rose, is that correct and when was the last time you see her?

Hmmm, Mary, yes of coarse i know Mary she works for me part time to do my typing, last time i saw her was umm yes it was Friday evening i gave her a manuscript to type out for me, why? what's wrong?

Well Mr George, her flat mate Christine summers say's she has not been seen since Friday night at around 1900 hrs, she told her flat mate that she was going to meet someone at the station, and has not been seen since then.

Oh Mary Mary, what could of happened to her, she left here in a very happy mood, i even said to her " what going to meet your boyfriend then", she just laughed as she when out the door, lovely girl is our Mary heart of gold that one.

Are you sure that was the last time you saw her? do you know any of her friends or her boyfriends name?

No, i did not pry into mary's life i mean she just done me a favor in doing my typing for me.

Excuse me for asking what is it that you do apart from being hidden behind all these books?

Ah well i am what you would call a journalist sort of, i take photos and write my findings of said photos, why?

I don't know really but have you taken any of around any military establishments or such places?

Well i have taken some of a sort of camp site down south, but no military buildings.

The camp site down south, what type of site was it? were it gypsies, campers, scouts or what?

To tell you the truth i did not take much notice, there were a few people in combats but that's all, i just thought they were there sort of camping they didn't look much.

have you still got those photos? i would like to take a look at them.

Why there just photos i will have to go dig them out if i still have them, Cos i takes photos but after a while i destroys them, but i will look for them for you.

Good chap, while your looking for the photos do you mind if i use your phone, i need to contact someone, urgently.

No, you just go ahead i wont be long.


Ah here they are i think there all there, not much to see though.

Oh thank you Mr George, um um yes can i take these with me and do you have the negativs i may have to have the photos blown up to get a better picture.

Well yes i thought you might ask for them so i brought them, here they are.

Thank you Mr George for your cooperation you have been very helpful.

Well i hope they help in finding miss Mary.

Maybe no doubt they will.


Knock knock.

whose there what do you want i am very busy at the moment if it's not urgent could you call back later.

Mr George, Mr George it is i Mary, Mary rose i have your papers here for you.

Miss Mary come in come in, i was told you were missing, but you is here.

Well Mr George i don't know what your on about, I've been home doing your typing that's all.

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