the swap

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how two people changed their lives in to love

Submitted: August 23, 2013

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Submitted: August 23, 2013



oh! go on then bob said do what you always do i cant stop you, no you cant said Barbra i do what i like when i like so there, good said bob as he walked off into the front room, bob sat on the big chair holding his head thinking how to get out of this arrangement without hurting her too much as he still had feelings for her as a friend only, he had not slept with her now for a month and she was getting to believe that he was seeing someone else, she done her best to make herself attractive for him even cooked him great meals, but it was all for nothing she did not know what to do any more.

Barbra went out to meet her friends down the cafe where she saw her best friend and asked to talk privately to her, Barbra told her best friend jean what was happening or what was not happening to her relationship with bob, jean listened but had a little secret that she wanted to talk to Barbra about but did not know where to start, so she just sat there listening to Barbra and feeling guilty as she had been sleeping with bob now for the last two months.

bob was at home trying to think how he could break it to Barbra the he and her were finished, he tried leaving her a note but he did not know where to start, in his own way he still loved Barbra, she gave him everything, but there was something missing between them, and it was tearing him apart.

Barbra and jean were still at the cafe talking, when this guy came in, Barbra could not take her eyes of of him, all at once her worries just slipped out of her head and she concentrated on this guy, they caught each other looking so the guy came and sat down opposite Barbra and jean and started talking, telling the his name and what he dose for a living, his name was George, and Barbra was besotted with him, jean felt a bit put out as they got talking to each other and leaving her out, so she made an excuse to go, she just left them there to talk.

bob was frantic not knowing what to do and how to end it with Barbra when his mobile rang, it was jean, look bob, jean said, Barbra has hitched up with some guy called George at the cafe, and she is so in to him that i don't think you will be seeing much of her today.

bob thanked jean and told her to meet him at the bus shelter in 1 hour, jean asked bob what he was going to do, bob said don't worry just meet me.

bob went to the cafe and saw Barbra with George and they seamed to be getting down together real Cosy like, bob walked over to them and told Barbra that there relationship was over and that he has packed his bags and gave her the key to the flat. for a minuet Barbra sat there sort of stunned the turned to bob and said that the relationship was over months ago and was glad he was moving out. bob walked out of the cafe feeling like he had been released from the chains that held him, he met jean at the bus stop and told her what had happened, jean wrapped her arms around bob and said, " bob we are free now, we can start a new life of our own, that is i take it that was why you wanted me to meet you here?" bob gave her a kiss on the mouth very passionately and said " lets go home".

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