the vanishing world.

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about a persons life in his own eyes and brain.

Submitted: June 03, 2014

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Submitted: June 03, 2014



There i was sitting in my chair, relaxing, trying to think why my life keeps leaping about every day, but i am still here,

Am i dreaming or is this real? every trip is different, like I'm traveling through time.

It is 09.00 and i have to go to work, everything is fine till i go through the front door, then i am in a strange place of no recognition, everything is dead, the flowers, the trees, no birds singing, just barren and quiet, " where am i " i say, " what is this place " but i get no answer, i start to walk in the same direction that i take every day to work, but there is nothing, no houses, no buildings, no road, no transport, nothing, nothing but emptiness, i feel sick to my stomach.

What i'm i going to find over the horizon, i try to call on my mobile but there is nothing there its just dead.

I find nobody around just me and the dust, " where am i, what has happened to the world"? its as if i was in the world by myself looking at the world in the past before human arrived or any sort of life, it is strange to as i look into the sky and see two suns, but not very bright suns, more like an orange ball like they were burning out.

"Why am i here?, what is this place?, this is not my world, please wake me up from this dream, i just keep walking but i find nothing not a living thing, it is not hot yet not cold but i am soaked through with sweat, i am getting really thirsty now i must find water, but which way do i go as everything looks the same all round, there is no wind or breeze to locate a direction so to find mountains which must have water, i am getting tired now i must have walked a good ten miles, and the mountains looked like another 10 miles away so i sat down by a rock and fell to sleep.

When i woke up i was in a bed in a strange room with a woman next to me, boy i jumped out of bed and stood looking at her then the woman woke up and said " why did you jump out of bed like that is there something in the bed? you scared me",  i just stood staring at her wondering who she was and how did i get here, she looked back at me and said " darling why are you looking at me like that have i grown horns or something?" i stuttered a sort of question saying " who, who, who are yyyyyou?"  she replied " darling i am your wife, are you ok? why did you ask such a silly question?"  i then say " i do not know you, i am not married, how can you say that you are my wife?" " darling " she says, " we have been married for seven years are you ok do you need a doctor you are not yourself?" where am i what is this place what is happening to me?""shush she says you must have had a bad nightmare or something, come down and i will make you a cup of coffee".

As i leave the bedroom and put my foot on the stairs and the stairs looked like they were going right down into the earth just going down and down and down, they looked none stop, i have to get of these stairs i look around and the top of the stairs are gone so i could only go down, so i carry on down but i tripped and banged my head and saw stars, hundreds, thousands of them i was out side it was dark there was no moon just stars, "oh my god were am i now?" where do i go from here i cannot see anything it is so dark, i get to my feet and start to feel my way around on my hands and knees, it feel like there is nothing there that i am walking on as i see stars below me to the sides of me and above me, what is this am i floating out in space? now i am really really scared, how can this be? why cant i wake up? all i can think of is that i want to go home to be with my mother, i can hear her calling me, she is saying if you don't get out of bed you will be late for work and you know that they are showing the vanishing world premier, so get up.

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