wheres hanna

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Hanna disappeared with no trace, a friend knew.

Submitted: August 26, 2013

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Submitted: August 26, 2013



I told you she was here, how many time have i got to tell you before you believe me, i was talking to her, telling her how she looked in that dress, she would have been the prom queen, but no you no Hanna she did not listen she knows best, so she went of on her own way as usual,  teenagers.

ok , so you told me a dozen times, and if i want to ask you a dozen times more i will do so till i am satisfied that you had nothing to do with her disappearance, ok? and i am not sure yet if you are hiding something or not.

what else is there for me to say, she just walked of in a huff as she usually dose, she when towards donna house and i just closed the door and went inside the lounge to get a drink to calm my nerves after all that arguing.

and your sure you never saw her go anywhere else or detoured to somewhere ?

no, no,no, how many more times, no, now i am not saying anymore till i see my lawyer, ok.

ok we can not hold you, as we got nothing on you, yet, but i find one discrepancy and by Jove your feet want touch the floor, got it?

ok, ok, so I'm free to go, I'm gone.

listen Jeff i still think he has something to do with her disappearance, i am going to be watching him very closely i want al the information i can get on him, he is hiding something and i want to know what it is.

ok bill, but be careful if your wrong he could string you up like a kite.

two days later.

bill i have some info for you on our man.

go, lets have it.

he was arrested in 72 on suspicion of kidnap but no evidence let go, and he was arrested in 78 for sex offense but got away with it as the witness could not give a proper description.

well, well, well, our lads been a busy little boy, lets have him in.

well our little sunshine i told you i would have you in with your feet up in the air, now i am not going to be kind anymore, i want answers and i want them now, and if you lie to me i will come down on you so heavy ok?got it?

now i will ask you again what happened to Hannah?

look I'm fed up, you cant keep me here like this, i told you all i know, now i am saying nothing without a lawyer.

knock knock, yes? ah Jeff what's up?

our boy, we have just finished our search look what we found, some of Hannah dress.

boom got you boy, this is part of Hannah dress found at your apartment, what you got to say now and in front of your lawyer.

dam dam ok,ok, yes its her dress, in she walks to my apartment al;l swagger asking me my opinion, dose she look good in this would Steve approve, yea i got angry with her told her straight she looked just like a tramp, so she ran out, yes i followed her when i caught up with her she kept on screaming at me we were in the wood over behind Jefferson, i kept telling her to shut up but she wouldn't so i slapped her face, i did not mean to slap so hard as she tripped back and fell down and hit her head on a stone or something, she lay there then she opened her eyes and looked at me i could not help it her face was looking at me as thou i was to blame, so i panicked she just lay there not saying anything just looking at me with her bulging eyes, so i picked up a rock for why i did not know and before i realized what i had done her head was smash under the rock.

ok, so what did you do with her?

i was in some kind of trance and all i could see was someone was dragging her further into the woods, then there was an abandoned mine shaft, i stripped her from all her clothes then threw her down the shaft and covered my tracks then her clothes i tore up into pieces and got rid of it day by day through the rubbish.

you know what son you are nicked.


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