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about using colours in phrases.

Submitted: June 30, 2014

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Submitted: June 30, 2014



What is it when we say BLUE moon?

why should you never eat GREEN cheese?

why BLACK and BLUE? why not a bruise.

why should you never use a RED pen to write with?

why call it a RED herring? you cannot get a RED herring.

why call it a WHITE elephant? has anybody actually seen a white elephant?

what is it when they say hasn't she got lovely GOLDEN locks, her hair is BLONDE.

every cloud has a SILVER lining, i have never seen one.

why BLUE when your feeling down?

why GRAYER than GREY is there such a color?

why is it that life is in the PINK?

why call corn YELLOW is it not more like BEIGE?

why GREEN grass? is there another color grass?

why do they call a RED Indian RED? when he is just well tanned.

why call Chinese and Japanese YELLOW? when they are just light TAN.

why call a colored person BLACK ? when they are very BROWN.

why a bloody nose? we all have a nose with blood in it.

it you sit in the sun any longer you'll go BROWN as a berry!

WHITE as snow! is there another color snow?

snow WHITE when her hair was BLACK as coal.

has anyone seen a RED nose reindeer?

they should only be picked when an ORANGE is as ORANGE as an ORANGE?

there are no RED or GREEN or YELLOW apples, they are all WHITE inside.

and they say language is not a mess! UMM.

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