Cloud of Lies and Despair

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The Main Character, named Natalie Sinclair, is a normal Teenage girl. Her life was perfect until she meets a guy named Brett Holmes, a new kid from a private school in London. But when she met him . . . Weird things were happening. And those things might change her life . . . Forever . . .

(Note: Small words in Italics are meant for "Air Quotations" and the parts of Dialog that are in Italics mean that the person talks with an accent. Also parts of dialog that contains quotation marks in Italics mean that the person talking is a Adult.)

Submitted: August 15, 2011

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Submitted: August 15, 2011



Intro (A Little Paragraph describing the Character)

Natalie Sinclair was a typical 16 year old girl. She has rich parents (A.K.A. Sara & Lucas Sinclair), Millions of Friends, tons of animals she calls "pets"  and a boyfriend (Well Ex-Boyfriend Anyway). The problem was that she doesnt want to be that girl . . . she's really a "Reble at Heart". She gives to the poor, makes donations to charities, and makes all kinds of trouble with the law. She shares her feeling by blogging them. Her Life was perfect ! She has everything a girl can ask for.  But in Reality, She's the Hero.


Chapter 1 - The Starter


"Natalie Lynne Sinclair, get down here!", says Sara Sinclair. "What Ma?", mumbles Natalie. 'It's time for School, Get Dressed and meet me in the Driveway by 7:00.", said Sara.

'Natalie's Sin Blog' - My life is a Living hellhole. My Mom is a TOTAL bitch and i cant stand my life . . . SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE . . .


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