The Thing

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Submitted: March 28, 2016

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Submitted: March 28, 2016



Screaming was heard from miles away. People went outside their doors to see what was going on. Everybody looked confused. They knew about the legend but didn’t think it would ever return. But I knew it would. I am ron and this is my story of how I killed The Thing.

I live in a small town is the middle of nowhere. It takes three hours to get to the nearest real store. We have a store but all the things in the store is locally grown or made. The day The Thing rose again I was at school and I heard the screaming. The teacher told everybody to go home and the principle announced to also go home and quick. The screaming was heard for five minutes. I ran home as fast as I could. My parents were waiting for me at the front door. We quickly ran to the safest room in the house which was my parents closet. It was like if the planned for this because they had food guns and everything to try and kill the The Thing. After three minutes my parents started packing a backpack full of fool and some weapons.

I said, “What are you guys doing? Dad are you going out or are you mom?”

My mom said, “We are not going out. I’m sorry son but you are.” I looked at my mom and she had a dead serious look.

I said, “But why, what is the matter with me.”

My dad said quietly, “We started this and we want to end it but we could never find the cave where it lurks in the day.”

I said, “But where do I go or where will I stay.”

My mom said, “Look just go outside and walk out of the house through the back door.” She handed me the backpack.

My dad said, “Here shine this at it when it is in front of you. Don’t shine it when it is behind you because if it looks at you you will die instantly.” My mom looked at the back and back at me as if she had hidden something in there.

She said, “Go now we will try to fend her off for a while while you run.”

I said, “But where is the cave.” She gave me another bag full of papers.

She said, “Here are all of our findings and everything we have tried or done to find the cave. There is also a sword there that you have to put in a stone when you find the cave. Now go before it is too late.” I walked out the back the door and started to run after a bit. After three minutes I started to hear gunshots and screaming from The Thing. It all suddenly stopped. Then I heard my parents screaming from the pain it was giving them. I ran into the woods where I made a secret tree house. It wasn’t the best but it kept me hidden.


That was three years ago and now I feel like I am soo close to finding the cave my parents were talking about. I haven’t seen The Thing or went back home because I am scared. But I am standing outside my house now about to walk inside to find out more things about The Thing. As I walk inside I can smell something horrible. I knew it was my parents rotting body. I first went into where we were first hiding to see it I found anything else. There was food, water, and guns. But what really caught my eye was a little crack in the back corner of the closet. It had some papers deep inside. As I grabbed them I felt cold as if something was about to happen. So I grabbed them and right away got out of there. I ran back to my tree house and started to look at the papers. They were searching all in one spot and I remembered from a movie that a guy was looking in one spot and when he was about to give up we went for a walk on the other side and found what he was looking for. The next morning I started walking on the other side of the forest. It felt like I was walking for hours then I saw a part of the forest full of vines and it was super dark. I slowly walked through the vines stumbling on branches from trees. Then I saw a wooden square like if it was a door.


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